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AYSO works because you make it work! If there’s something you’d like to improve about your child’s soccer experience, this is your opportunity to be the change you want to see in the world.

Every volunteer submits a volunteer application every year:

    1. Apply for a volunteer role in inLeague. Sign the forms & waivers until you get to the end.
    2. Adult volunteers will get an email from Sterling Volunteers to start their background check.
    3. Fill in those forms. You don’t need to pay — it’s priced into the program budget.

Coach and referee classes are scheduled nearly every weekend in August, and some weeknights. You can take them in any region.

    • Go to eTrainU,
    • Search for “Training Events”
    • Remove “Region 13” from the search and instead look for 91104 ± 10 miles 

Note: Volunteers under 18 do not need a background check, fingerprint scan, or the SafeSport online class.


Team volunteers

State and federal laws require these of all volunteers who interact with children, such as coaches and referees.

The annual background check is scheduled when you sign up to volunteer through the registration system. Everything else, you only have to do once, which takes about 8 hours in total. 

Team managers can skip some of this training.

Once you finish that, sign up for the role-specific classes for coaches and referees.

For full details on Volunteer training requirements see the Volunteer FAQ.

Youth volunteers

Youth referees and coaches do not need a background check, LiveScan, or SafeSport training.


Time: Each week, 1 to 1.5 hours for practice and 1 to 1.5 hours for games each week. Head Coaches usually spend 0.5 to 1 hour per week planning. Attend a 1-hour coach staff meeting 3-4 times during the soccer season.

Training: All basic volunteer requirements. Coach certification classes last 3 hours for the youngest ages. Assistant Coaches and Head Coaches receive the same training. Coaches take Safe Haven and a division-specific coach class in-person. Classes are offered by Region 13 in August and September, and by other AYSO regions throughout the year.

Location: School or park fields for practices and games assigned on the schedule by the league.

Task: Lead a group of children in learning the game of soccer as well as developing leadership skills, teamwork, satisfaction in reaching goals, and understanding concepts of responsibility, action, and skill development. Practice PIE (positive, instructional, encouraging) at all times. Assess and report on progress to the coach staff periodically. Prior knowledge of the game is helpful, but not required. Training and certification is provided and required for all divisions. Older divisions provide competitive play, playoffs, and chances to advance to Area playoffs or All-Stars. After your initial training and team assignment, head coaches receive an equipment bag and soccer balls.

Get started: Coach hub

8U Referee and Regional Referee

Time: Each team has one referee assignment per week, lasting about 1 hour, and you’re welcome to do more. Attend a 1-hour division referee staff meeting 2-3 times during the soccer season.

Training: All basic volunteer requirements. Referee classes are 4 hours for the 8U Official grade, and another 4 hours for promotion to Regional Referee. Referees and Assistant Referees receive the same training. Region 13 provides ongoing on-field mentoring.

Location: School or park fields for games assigned on the schedule by the league.

Task: Officiate at one (or more) of the weekly soccer games during the Fall and Spring seasons. Most referees are assigned to a specific team, which is responsible to officiate specific games. You are able to trade assignments and accept additional assignments of your choosing. You and your fellow referee crew are responsible for keeping our games safe, fair and fun. There are opportunities for advancement through documented experience and additional training. After your initial training, referees receive a uniform and whistle. Regional Referees also receive a set of flags.

Get started: Referee hub

Team manager

Time: 1-2 hours per week


Location: No specific location. 


Division administrators

Time: If you have to ask … expect 2 – 6 hours per week starting in late July. To make it be less time, get better at saying “no.” 

Training: July kickoff meeting, and biweekly briefings from Region leadership. 

Task: Division Coach and Referee Administrators get their own page. DCAs and DRAs are also members of the Region Board.

Perks: A cool shirt and first choice of practice time.

Other volunteers

Field hosts

Time: 1 hour on a Saturday

Training: A briefing packet is provided prior to your scheduled shift

Location: School or park field on days when games are scheduled by the league

Task: Help keep the Admin Tent staffed during game days, in order to for our families to find things, get questions answered, or just stop by and have a donut. It’s the red tent near the playground at Victory Park, or on Rose Bowl days, near the blockhouse by the Brandi Chastain statue.

Sign up:

General Volunteers

Help from time to time with whatever is needed. This could be checking in teams at tournaments, cleaning the clubhouse in the spring, kitting the team equipment bags, or helping with the kickoff dinner. Write to to be added to the list of people to call when something needs doing.

Sign up:


Time: As available

Location: School or park field on days when games are scheduled by the league

Task: Take pictures at events and games. The Communication Director will provide a shot list.

Graphic design

Time: As available

Task: Provide artwork for the web site, email, T-shirts, stickers, banners, flyers, and other media.


Board of directors and other leadership roles