Rose City Cup

Match Schedule and Bracket form and Flights

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The Rose City Cup tournament is Saturday, Dec 2, and Saturday, Dec 9, 2023. 

The Rose City Cup is a single-elimination tournament, in which teams are grouped into “flights” based on their final fall season standings. (10U has three flights; 12U has two flights; 14U has one flight.) Every game must have a winner. Winners of each flight receive trophies; all other participants receive a commemorative medal

Area H Map

What to expect

  • Everyone plays at least one match on the first day. Winners may play a second game on the first day.
  • As long as you keep winning, your team keeps training together and playing games.
  • Teams are seeded according to the league standings, subject to tiebreaker rules described below.
  • Everyone will receive a medal.
  • Teams who win the final game of their flight’s tournament will also receive a shiny trophy.
  • “A flight” champions will continue to the Area 1C League Playoffs in South Pasadena on Dec 17-18.
  • If you win that, you get to go to the SoCal Section 1 finals, February 24-25 in Chino.


Division Teams Flights
B10U 28 A 12, B 8, C8
B12U 20 A 12, B 8
B14U 10 A 10
G10U 22 A 8, B 8, C 6
G12U 14 A 10, B 4
G14U 8 A 8

Tournament rules

  • Playing time
    • As in the fall league, every player present (who is uninjured and who wants to play) plays for 3 of the 4 periods.
    • A goalkeeper may play that position for the entire match, provided that everyone plays in the game for 3 of the 4 periods.
    • If a player arrives late, they must play for the remainder of the game, unless it would be mathematically impossible for all the other players to be in the game for 3 of the 4 periods.
    • There are no restrictions on playing time during overtime (in the 1-2 and 3-4 final games).
    • Players must have been in at least half (5) games in the core season to participate in the Area 1C League Playoffs, unless they were unable to play because of an injury, as documented on the game cards for those weeks. If you did not meet this number, you may still play in the Rose City Cup, but not advance to the League Playoffs, or in other AYSO tournaments.
  • Tournament advancement
    • In the event that a team withdraws, has insufficient players to start the game, or is otherwise unable to continue, that team will forfeit the match by a score of 1-0. A five-minute grace period is allowed at the start of game time, by which time both teams must have the minimum required number of players present and prepared to play.
    • Every match must have a winner.
    • For pool games (including all games on Dec 2), if the score is tied after regulation time, proceed directly to a penalty shoot-out.
    • On Dec 9, the 1st/2nd-place championship matches will be handled differently in case of a tie: these games will first go to overtime, consisting of two 5-minute periods. If there’s still a tie, the winner will then be decided by a penalty shoot-out.
  • Coaches
    • Coaches and substitutes must be in the Technical Area.
    • Spectators must be behind the touch line, between the penalty areas, on their own side of the field.
    • The decision of the Referee on the field is final.
    • Players, coaches, or spectators who are sent off (red card) will miss the the following game, unless the send off is for Violent Conduct, in which case the offending person will miss the rest of the tournament. Decisions are subject to review by the Tournament Director and the Regional Commissioner.
    • If both coaches from one team are sent off, that team forfeits the match.
    • In the event of other unforeseen circumstances, the decision of the Tournament Director is final.
  • Referees
    • Team referees will generally cover the game before and/or the game after their team’s game. Referees have been assigned in InLeague – please consult the Referee Assignments and confirm that you will be there to referee. It is very important that referees take their assignments seriously for the tournament. The Region cannot provide substitute referees for all games, and it is not appropriate for a team to referee their own tournament game.
    • The Region will provide the Referee for all 14U games and any games indicated to include a team that is the “winner of” another match. This is indicated in the Referee Scheduler in InLeague.

Area 1-C Champions Tournament

Two teams from each of the Boys & Girls 10U, 12U, & 14U go to the San Gabriel Valley League Champions Tournament on Dec.16-17 in 2023. This could involve as many as 4 games in one weekend, if a team keeps winning.

Winners of that advance to the Section 1 League Champions Tournament, Feb 24-25 at Ayala Park in Chino.

In the unlikely event you win that, you may be invited to the Western States Championship.

The Region policies define how the teams are selected

  • First Team / Pool Play Winner: This is the team finishing first in the overall Fall (Core) Season standings, after taking into account game results, referee points, and any necessary tiebreakers. This team will be known for Area 1-C League Playoff Purposes as “Team 13A”.
  • Second Team / Playoff Winner: The Playoff Winner shall be the team that wins the Rose City Cup (Region 13 Core Season Playoff Championship). In any division that has multiple playoff flights, the Playoff Winner is the winner of the top-seeded flight. This team will be known for Area 1-C League Playoff purposes as “Team 13B”.
  • Dual-Winner Procedure: In the event the Pool Play Winner and the Playoff Winner are one and the same, that team is the “Region 13 Champion” and will be known for Area 1-C League Playoff purposes as “Team 13A”. The other team participating in the Region 13 Playoff Championship Game is the “Region 13 Playoff Runner–Up”, and will advance to the Area 1-C League Playoffs as “Team 13B”.
  • Three-Team Procedure
    • In the event that Area 1-C invites three teams from any one division in Region 13 to participate in Area 1-C League Playoffs, the Region 13 Playoff Runner-Up shall advance to Area 1-C League
      Playoffs as “Team 13C”.
    • If that team already qualified as “Team 13A” or “Team 13B”, then the team that finished second overall in the final standings of the Region 13 Fall (Core) Season shall advance as “Team 13C”.
    • If that team already qualified as “Team 13B”, then the team that finished third overall in the final standings of the
      Region 13 Fall (Core) Season shall advance as “Team 13C”.

Tie Breakers for Pool Play Winner

  • Referee Participation
  • Average Sportsmanship Points in Regular Season Play [Minimum 10 point total point differential to account for Referee differences]. NOTE: In the U10 division (where teams referee their own games) a maximum of three Sportsmanship Points per game will be counted for tie breaking purposes.
  • Head to Head Competition [Including regular season games and championship playoff games].
  • Fewest Avg. Goals Allowed in Regular Season Play
  • Coin Toss by Regional Coach Administrator or Other Designee of the Regional Commissioner