Winter Stars

Current Status

Winter Stars will return in January 2023

General Information

Winter Stars is an informal soccer program for players who enjoyed the fall season so much that they want to keep playing soccer through the winter with their friends. Coaches let the kids play, and run players through some training, then divide players into balanced teams so that players can explore the game in scrimmage play and learn from each other. Coaches play along and introduce skills as the need arises. It’s once a week for all soccer players in your family to enjoy at the same time. There are no other practices and no permanent teams.

In Winter Stars, to create balanced teams, we will have girls and boys playing together, based on ability. We want to empower your player to make this decision on her own. Fields are designated “friendly” or “competitive,” and kids decide where they want to go from week to week. In the younger division (mostly 6U/7U/8U players), 4-on-4 games will be played on a 25-yard field with a size 3 ball. In the middle division (mostly 10U/12U players), we will add goalkeepers and a slightly larger field. Older kids (14-19U) are new for 2022 … we’ll figure it out as we go along. Players may play up or play down, and the coaches will endeavor to let friends play together. Sometimes, a 10-year-old will decide to join a 6-year-old sibling and friends. Sometimes, the 3rd graders will decide to challenge the 5th graders. The kids work it out with guidance from the coaches playing along. As a parent, you can just enjoy the view from the sidelines.


To register for Winter Stars,

    1. If your child did not play in the Fall season prior to Winter Stars, purchase an AYSO Membership. Be sure to click “Submit Registration” at the bottom of the final page. You’ll know you’re finished when your credit card is charged $30.00.
    2. Click here to sign up.

The fee for Winter 2022 is $110 per player, which includes a shirt, skills training, and the expectation that about 2 of the 8 weeks might be rained out. Region 13’s policy is Everyone Plays, so if the cost is a financial hardship for your family, please write to to request a scholarship.

More Info

When: Winter Stars meets once a week on Sundays. There are two sessions, 1:00 – 2:00 and 2:30 – 3:00. Program members should look for an email. The program runs for 8-10 weeks, starting in January. Expect about 2 of those weeks to be skipped on account of rain. 

Where: Muir High School north field

Who: Players 6U and older are eligible. Winter Stars encourages families to join together to support kids of all skill levels playing soccer. If you are an AYSO coach or referee, come join us!

Equipment: Coaches will provide balls (easier to keep track that way). Shin guards are mandatory. Turf shoes are ideal. Soccer cleats are optional and sneakers are fine. Wear shorts without pockets that could snag a hand, and any color socks that fully cover the shinguards. As always, no earrings or jewelry. If you forget shinguards or socks, come anyway, because we may have a few spares.

Volunteers: As always, AYSO works because you volunteer to make it happen. Winter Stars needs parents to set up and clean up. If you coached in the fall, and want to learn this style of coaching, you’re welcome to get involved.

Questions? email us at