Team Manager Tasks

The following are the important tasks and responsibilities that will need to be completed by team managers during the season. While team managers are responsible for making sure these happen, they can accomplish this by delegating to other parents!

  1. Email Alert:Make sure to sign up for the AYSO Region 13 Newsletter to keep yourself updated on region information.  Encourage the families on your team to sign up as well. (
  2. Have Parents sign and submit three forms:
    • Ask your coach or Team Manager Coordinator ( for your team’s unique form upload link.
    • Parents must understand and sign the Concussion Information Sheet, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet (bundled in a single PDF), and the Kids Zone Parent Pledge.
    • When a parent hands you a signed form, use your phone to navigate to your team’s link, click on the relevant player’s name, click on the “Photo” button under the document you would like to upload, and follow the instructions. Hand the parents their signed forms back as reference.
  3. Team Communication: We encourage teams to use a team communication app to communicate with their teams. There are quite a few to choose from and some coaches have a preferred app. If your coach does not already have a preferred app we encourage you to use Spond. You can ask your coach to provide you with information from the team roster so that you can easily create your team in Spond and send invites to all of the parents on your team. You can add the game schedule and picture day schedule.
  4. Create a Snack Schedule: Create a snack schedule, which gives each family a turn at bringing the team snack for halftime and at the end of the game. Halftime snacks include fruits such as quartered oranges or other juicy fruits. End of game snacks include juices or water and crackers, granola bars, or other healthy snacks. Be sure to find out if any of the children have food allergies as the season starts.
  5. Create a Field Inspection Schedule: Coordinate the team parents to take turns inspect the playing field for trash and sharp objects prior to the game for player safety.  Also reminds everyone to pick up trash after the game and is responsible for making sure the area is trash free before leaving the field.
  6. Banner / Stand Creation: Coordinate the creation of the team banner and stand.  Collect funds for the banner from the parents of the players.  The banner can be purchased or created by the team members and/or their families.  Make sure to get started right away so it is ready for Picture Day.  Banners are optional.
  7. Team Sponsor: Sponsorship is optional. If someone wants to sponsor your team, the cost is $250.00 per team.  Use the sponsor form on the Region 13 Team Manager webpage. Sponsors can often be found on the team from a parent who owns a business, or from a community business or organization.
  8. Goal/Field Set Up and Close Down: Retrieve and set up the goals on the field when you are the first game of the day.  Take down and store the goals in the proper location if you are the last game of the day.
  9. Coordinate Picture Day: Picture day is an important season event.  It is helpful to communicate the time and location of picture day and hand out all the information regarding cost two weeks prior to the date. They also help on picture day to line kids up and escort them into the picture taking area.
  10. End of Season Party: It’s a tradition to have an end-of-season party.  This is the time to present awards to players, gifts to coaches and referees, and celebrate a fun season.  Make arrangements at locations such as a pizza parlor or family home and solicit volunteers to bring food, cake, paper goods, and gifts.
  11. Recruit Field Hosts: Victory Park is the main set of fields for Region 13. We need volunteers to staff the AYSO Region 13 tent there every Saturday. Team Managers can help recruit these Field Hosts from among the parents on the team. No background checks or trainings are needed for this job. If every team would commit to doing it once during the season, we would have more than enough volunteers. Choose a Saturday when your team is scheduled to play at Victory Park. Since players have to show up 30-45 minutes ahead of time, volunteering to be the field host in the hour before your game is pretty convenient.
  12. Pick up trophies: Each player on VIP and U4-U8 teams will receive a personalized trophy with their name and team name. These can be distributed at the last regular-season game, or at the end-of-season party, depending on when the trophies become available. The team manager should designate someone to pick up their team’s trophies, check all the names, and make them available to the coach for distribution.