The fall soccer league has a waiting list to join. If you can learn to coach or referee, your child will go to the head of the line.

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  • AYSO is a fun, family-oriented youth sports community. 
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  • The coaches and referees are friends and neighbors. Everyone you will meet is a volunteer.
  • Everyone plays, and what matters most are positive coaching and good sportsmanship.

Fall Soccer from September – November 2024

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Brandi and David Lane with the FireballsGet involved

I have really enjoyed coaching the boys and the support of the parents, and it feels great to know that I am contributing to my community. It’s also helped me keep my life balanced, spend more time with my family, and kept me active.

– Brandi Lane, with dad Davis and the 2021 Fireballs

About AYSO

Play soccer in Pasadena, La Cañada, Altadena, California

AYSO Region 13 is the kids’ recreational soccer league in Pasadena, Altadena, and La Cañada, California. You’ll start with AYSO’s fall league, which runs from September – December 2024. Players aged 3 to 18 may register, starting May 1, 2024. Wait lists start July 1, so it’s important you and your friends register before then. Then, over the summer, parents, grandparents, and friends (that’s you!) will learn to coach and referee. Teams are assigned in August, and games start in September.

AYSO’s core program is how most kids in our area are introduced to team sports. First-time and experienced players alike develop their skills, contribute to a team, and have fun. Balanced teams make for more interesting games, so teams in the 10U, 12U, and 14U divisions are formed by a blind draw, supervised by a neutral party. In the non-competitive divisions, 6U, 7U, and 8U, the Division Administrators may honor friend, school, and coach requests; however, they are only able to do so if enough people volunteer. Please volunteer as a coach or referee if you have such requests. In 4U & 5U, the coaches are professionals, and all parents take turns assisting. In the most competitive divisions, 16U and 19U, coaches draft the players. Start coaching when your child is young, so you’ll be in a position to coach their team when they’re teenagers. In EPIC, for people with special needs of all ages, the activities are designed around the player’s needs and EPIC Buddies help individual players.

In addition to the core program in the fall, there is soccer in the winter for kids of all abilities, Winter Stars, Grad Series, and All-Stars, and a smaller league in the spring. Participation in All-Stars or tournament teams requires having played in the fall. The other programs are open to new players.

AYSO is more than a soccer league. It is a child development program that uses soccer as its main tool. Every decision is centered around what’s safe, fair, and fun for the children. You’ll see your child’s natural joy of running and kicking a ball develop into a lifelong love of sport, teamwork, and friendship, with a good deal of creative decision-making and strategic thinking along the way.

Region 13 is run entirely by volunteers, which means that in addition to signing up your child to play, you help make the soccer league happen. You can coach, referee, or manage a team, or contribute in many other ways. Please write to if you have any questions. Some of the volunteers who make Region 13 go are on the Leadership page. Every family is expected to help out, however, they can. See the Volunteer page for how to get started. There are many roles you can fill.

Welcome to Region 13, where Pasadena, Altadena, and La Cañada come to play soccer. I look forward to meeting you on the field!



Terry Takahashi
Volunteer Commissioner and Soccer Dad

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pps. If you don’t have a child in the program and want to coach or referee, email

ppps. Exceptions: Upper Division (16U-19U) starts in August, and there is no age limit for the EPIC (formerly VIP) program.

Fall soccer

The core league runs from Labor Day to Thanskgiving

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Registration fees only cover part of the cost of the fall soccer league. Region 13 thanks these sponsors and partners

Click on the pizza!

Order takeout salads, pizza, and chicken from Fresh Bros, and portion of the order will be donated to support Region 13

Launch sports and LA Grassroots offers soccer classes and sports camps (including soccer).



Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities supports youth sports throughout Southern California.

Generous support from the Capital Group and LA84 foundation helps ensure that every child in Pasadena who wants to play, can, regardless of financial need.

You can help, too! See sponsorship opportunities.

Technology partners

HelpDesk, Google Workspace, Slack, Email Octopus, Campaign Monitor, and Twilio contribute in-kind to AYSO Region 13.

Kids playing soccer at the Rose bowl

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