The Tent

Look for the red tent near the playground at Victory Park for information, directions, and lost & found.

Staffing the tent

Sign up for a shift

Setting up the tent

At Victory Park, it’s stored near the goals in the white conex locker in the parking lot. At Area H (Rose Bowl), it’s in the roll-up garage near Chastain’s statue. Bring the tents, tables, and folding chairs.

Look for a gray document box with schedules, blank game cards, etc.


Scan your receipts for 1 coffee traveler and 1 dozen donuts and submit them here for reimbursement. Checks are written at each monthly board meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where’s my game? There’s a map and schedule in the binder.

Where do I put game cards? In the envelope that says “game cards.”

What happens to the game cards? Bill Owen picks the envelope up at the end of the day.

The envelope is gone! If you miss the pickup, return the cards to the clubhouse.

Lost children? Meet at the tent.

Lost parents? Ditto.

I bought too many strawberries at the farmers’ market! The volunteers at the tent will be happy to help you dispose of those.

AYSO Philosophies

Everyone Plays
Balanced Teams
Open Registration
Positive Coaching
Good Sportsmanship
Player Development