This chart applies to Region 13 players during the MY2022 season, from Aug. 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023.

Date of Birth
Soccer Age
Fall (Core)
Soccer Age
EXTRA program
09/02/18 – 09/01/19 4U  
09/02/17 – 09/01/18
09/02/16 – 09/01/17
1st grade
09/02/15 – 09/01/16
2nd grade
01/01/15 – 09/01/15
09/01/14 – 12/31/14 8U or 10U**  
01/01/14 – 08/31/14 10U  
2013 10U 10U
2012 12U 11U
2011 12U 12U
2010 14U 13U
2009 14U 14U
2008 16U  
2007 16U  
2006 19U  
2005 19U  
2004 19U  

In California, children 6 years old as of Sept. 1 are eligible to enter 1st grade, which corresponds to the 7U division. We use that to set the age ranges for 8U and under. 

**For 2022 only, players born Sept. – Dec. 2014 can choose to play either in 8U, or the first year of 10U. 

  • If you choose 8U, they will be with mostly other 2nd graders, and may play in Grad Series in the winter
  • If you choose 10U, they play in the competitive league, with scores and standings. They will play in a championship tournament, and can try out for an All-Star team in the winter. 
  • Historically, most kids in this range choose to play in 10U, with goalkeepers, offside, line referees, and the whole shebang. Some of the Region 13’s strongest alumni were the smallest on their team when they first played in 10U.

You have until July 15, 2022 to decide (email Either way, everyone born in 2014 advances to the second year of 10U for fall of 2023. If you are unsure, please ask the coach staff for advice. Emotional development, interest, and physical ability vary greatly among children, and it’s not uncommon for our youngest (or smallest) players to also be some of the strongest players.

Note also that doing the birth date math hurts the registrar’s head. If he did it wrong, please be understanding, and we’ll fix it.

  Jan Feb March April May June July August September October November December
2004 19U
2007 16U
2009 14U
2011 12U
2013 10U 10U
2014 8U or 10U
2015 8U 7U
2016 7U 6U
2017 6U 5U
2018 5U 4U
2019 4U