How do you get into

    First, sign in to

    Then, wait 30 seconds.

    Finally, go to and the system should sign you in automatically.

    What if a family has more than one volunteer?

    Each volunteer, including youth referees, needs a separate account in the registration system, with a different email address for each person. Then, you will be able to register for classes with

    In the registration system, you can add a “secondary email address” so that you all receive notices.

    Five Steps to Be a Coach

    Thank you for becoming a COACH for our kids in AYSO Region 13!

    Please follow these five steps to ensure that you will provide a world-class experience for our children.

    1. Submit an AYSO Volunteer Application for MY2019.

    Every volunteer (coach, referee, board member, team parent, etc.) submits one National Volunteer Application each year (annually). These applications are delivered to AYSO’s national headquarters for an annual background check, which screens for volunteers’ suitability to work with children for AYSO. (For extra instructions, you can follow these helpful tips to submit your volunteer application.)

    1. Get trained and certified to be a coach. (note – in Region 13, all Coaches must complete courses in person. Online Courses are not applicable)

    – to coach 6U: 6U Coaching Course (in-person, not online)

    – to coach 7U and 8U: 8U Coaching Course (in-person, not online)

    – to coach 10U: 10U Coaching Course (in-person, not online)

    – to coach 12U: 12U Coaching Course (in-person, not online)

    – to coach 14U: Intermediate Coaching Course (must have 12U course and a year coaching 12U)

    – to coach 16U or 19U: Advanced Coaching Course (must have Intermediate certification)

    You can take these courses anywhere in the country — but we recommend Region 13 because our training encompasses our region’s unique culture. In 2019, Region 13 is holding 6U, 8U, 10U, and 12U courses on July 27 and August 24. Save the dates! More details below

    1. Complete AYSO’s Concussion Awareness class (online): You must have submitted your National Volunteer Application before you can access the information.
      1. Go to AYSO’s online training center (AYSO U) with this link:
      2. Enter your login information from Blue Sombrero.
      3. In AYSO, click on “My Courses” and choose “CDC Concussion Course”.
    2. Complete AYSOs Safe Haven training: All coaches must take AYSOs Safe Haven course in person. The online version of this course is NOT sufficient. We will require you to complete Safe Haven prior to receiving team contact information and prior to holding team practice, so please take the course at your earliest convenience.

    Note to longtime coaches: If you took Safe Haven before 2012, you will need to update your Safe Haven credentials by taking the new version of the class. Looking at your course transcript history (in eAYSO or AYSOU), you will satisfy this requirement if your transcript shows credit for the class entitled, “AYSOs Safe Haven”.

    1. Register your player at and check the boxes that say, “Coach.” If you forgot to do that, email the Division Coach Administrator for your player’s division.

    With any questions: Please contact Taj Chiu, Regional Coach Administrator, at You may also contact your Division Coach Administrator.

    Coach Training

    Sunday, July 27

    Sunday, August 24

    LaSalle High School, 3880 E Sierra Madre Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

    The courses are listed as Region 13 – Altadena. Please see for the full directory change. You may take the class in any region. Arcadia, South Pasadena, and Glendale are nearby.

    Division Class time (July 27 only) For kids born in
    6U 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 2014, 2015, 2016
    8U (and 7U) 11:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. 2012, 2013
    10U 8am – 12pm 2010, 2011
    12U 1pm – 6pm 2008, 2009

    ** Please note each level class has a different start time. **

    ** Times may change. Please see the registration confirmation that AYSO sends you. **

    AYSOs Safe Haven Training

    Immediately after the coach training

    Coaches have to take “AYSO Safe Haven” class, once, in-person. Register for this at when you register for the coaching class. Referees and Team Managers can take the online version of the class at If you took Safe Haven a long time ago, you probably need to take it again.

    If you can’t attend one of the dates Region 13 is offering the class you need,

    then you can take it in any other region. Search in for options.

    Questions: Please contact Taj Chiu at You may also contact your Division Coach Administrator.

    How to sign up for courses:

    1. Submit your AYSO National Volunteer Application in Blue Sombrero.
    2. Go to
    3. Use your Blue Sombrero login information to login to
    4. There are two ways to find available Coach courses:
      1. Click “Live Courses” on the red stripe
      2. Select a date you’d like to attend to see what courses are being offered.


      1. Click on “My Courses” on the red stripe
      2. Scroll down to “Instructor Led Courses” and click “Open”
      3. Choose “Coach Instructor Led Courses” and click “Open”


      1. Choose the course you need to take (ex. 8U) and click “Sessions”
      2. Find the session you want to enroll in and click on the blue “Register” button
    1. The best way to find available AYSO’s Safe Haven courses:
      1. Click on “My Courses” on the red stripe
      2. Scroll down to “Instructor Led Courses” and click “Open”
      3. Choose “Safe Haven Instructor Led Courses” and click “Sessions”
      4. Choose “AYSO’s Safe Haven” Sessions
      5. Find the session you want to enroll in and click on the blue “Register” button

    All courses offered by Region 13 are listed as Altadena for the city regardless of the actual location of the class.


    Age Divisions in MY2019 (Aug 1 2019 thru July 31 2020)

    MY 2019
    Birth Year Age Division
    2015 5U
    2014 6U
    2013 7U
    2012 8U
    2011 10U
    2010 10U
    2009 12U
    2008 12U
    2007 14U
    2006 14U
    2005 16U
    2004 16U
    2003 19U
    2002 19U
    2001 19U

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