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Welcome to coaching!

Coaches, more than any other volunteer, have the biggest impact on players’ lives. Coaches wear multiple hats: they teach kids about soccer, and are also cheerleaders, educators, and team administrators, too. Sound familiar? If you can parent, you can likely coach; you already have many skills that a coach needs. If you are new to soccer, AYSO will teach you the soccer part, which is actually a smaller part of the job than you may think. 

We also welcome non-parents to coach! Parent figures, aunts, uncles, grandparents, older siblings, cousins, trusted friends, and neighbors are all welcome to coach. We especially encourage women to coach (see Sisterhood of Soccer)! We love and greatly appreciate all of the men who coach, but feel it’s important to note that women are often underrepresented in coaching. Seeing women coaches benefits all of our children, as many players have not had a woman coach them before.

What coach jobs are there, and what does it entail?

Region 13 aims to place a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach on each team. In 6U through 8U, teams must have both a head and assistant coach since we divide the team into two smaller squads for games on side-by-side fields. In 10U-14U teams can be coached by just a Head Coach but it’s a lot more fun to coach with an Assistant.

Both coaches go through the same training, and Region 13 sees them as equivalent. We leave it to each team to decide what each coach does as different coaches have their own strengths and expertise in different areas. Usually, Head Coaches take the lead in planning practice and deciding on the lineup for games. Head Coaches are also the Region’s point of contact for the team and information is sent directly to the Head Coach during the season.

How do I sign up?

Great! Thank you for volunteering to coach!

Start here: How to become an AYSO Coach

Questions? You can also see the Coach FAQ here. Have a question that’s not on the FAQ?

Contact your Division Coach Administrator (DCA) for help. You can find their names and email addresses on the Leadership page.

Required training

  1. Annual volunteer application (InLeague)
  2. Annual background check (InLeague)
  3. Livescan
  4. Safesport (takes a while)
  5. AYSO Safe Haven (Online)
  6. CDC Concussion Awareness – Online (Safe Haven Training Library)
  7. Sudden Cardiac Arrest – Online (Safe Haven Training Library)
  8. The age-specific coach class (late July and August)

Coach Resources

We aim to provide Coaches with resources to make coaching easier. Find these resources below:

Region 13 General Coach Guide

Region 13 10U-14U Coach Guide (Lots of info!)

6U through 8U Game Prep

10U through 14U Game Prep

AYSO 6U Coach Manual

AYSO 8U Coach Manual

AYSO 10U Coach Manual

AYSO 12U Coach Manual

AYSO Intermediate Coach Manual

Coach Information for Tournaments

Coach Division Meetings

6U-8U Division Meeting 6U-8U Slide Deck  
10U Division Meeting 10U Slide Deck  
12U Division Meeting 12U Slide Deck  
14U Division Meeting 14U Slide Deck  

Additional resources