AYSO Region 13

Pasadena • Altadena • La Cañada

AYSO Region 13

Pasadena • Altadena • La Cañada

Monday, Oct. 25, 2021

Picture Days 2021

(updated Oct 6, 2021)

Pictures will be taken at Victory Park on Oct 9, 23, and 30. Each team is assigned a time slot. Region 13 is proud to partner with Lacey Wood Photography to deliver an efficient process and a professional product. Look for them at the tents behind Victory 2, by the grove of  trees in the middle of the park.

Find your team on the schedule, and please plan to have your whole team there 15 minutes early.

PLEASE NOTE that Picture Days happen rain or shine. If games are canceled due to rain on the day of your team’s appointment, Picture Day will still go on. Check ayso13.org the morning of your appointment – updates will be posted by 7am.

Each player will get a QR code. They take a picture of the QR code, then the player. Individual shots will be assembled into a team collage.

There are no order forms! You’ll get a personal gallery in an email from info@laceywoodphotography.com.


We are. Lacey’s scheduling team will pore over Region 13’s game schedule to find the most convenient times for teams to take pictures.

Here’s the schedule

If a player misses her team’s photo session, just come any time and the photographers will squeeze you in. This does not mean that a team can miss their assignment and just show up, hoping to squeeze in.

If you need to reschedule, please contact Tara Mastro right away.


Teams have been scheduled in connection with games at Victory Park whenever possible, but many teams will be coming from other fields as well. Please allow time for parking, and please plan to drop off kids, if needed. If it rains, we still take pictures.


  1. Wear your uniform, including socks and cleats
  2. Tuck jerseys your shorts. It looks better that way.
  3. There is no order form!

Included in your AYSO registration is a full-res JPEG image of the individual player. Additional photo products are available for purchase. There is no order form. The gallery will be sent to the email address you used when you registered your player.


Teams will be photographed ON TIME. Please arrive early, or Region 13 may be charged. Teams will not be placed “on standby,” nor will a team be photographed without an appointment. If an individual player misses the team picture time, they may report to a picture day at any time, and they will be serviced at the first available opening between teams. There is no make-up day.

Parking can be challenging, so plan ahead. Plan a curbside location where parents can drop players with a Coach or Team Manager.

Expect: 20 minutes to check in, and 10-15 minutes for individual photos. Instead of team photos, individual photos will be made into a collage. If you coach multiple teams, the odds of this working are greater if you come with your team, but if a schedule conflict prevents that, tell the photographers at check-in, and they’ll take a separate picture of you for each team. There will be 2-3 individual photography stations, so there’s no need to worry if your teams’ picture times overlap.


For general questions, contact Emily directly at lacey@laceywoodphotography.com.

For schedule questions, contact Tara Mastro at tara.mastro@gmail.com.



Practice Fields

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