Picture Days

Professional pictures of each player and team will be taken on Sat Oct 15, Sat Nov 5, or Sat Nov 12 at Victory Park.

  • Each player will receive a FREE Digital Download of their individual and team photos. The team picture is a group photo will all members of the team at the same time. It will not be a composite as it was in 2021.
  • The link to download your photos will be emailed to you by your league after the last Picture Day. 
  • Additional products are available for purchase. If you wish to order any additional products, please fill out the form below and have your child give both the form and payment directly to the photographer when their individual photo is taken.
  • If you do not wish to order additional photo products, you do not need to fill out the form below.

Order Form for purchasing additional photo products


Pictures will be taken at Victory Park. There is a map with the Picture Day location indicated on this page: https://ayso13.org/victory/


We have tried to assign each team to a day that coincides with a day they have a game at Victory Park and a time that allows players to both get their picture taken and play their game. With a region our size, some teams will not be scheduled on a day they are playing at Victory Park. If your team cannot make the time they have been assigned, you may contact teams@ayso13.org. However, keep in mind that we are limited in our ability to accommodate the schedules of 2500 players.

Current schedule

Picture Day Procedure

We hope to have volunteers available at Picture Day to help you through the following process:

  1. Choose a representative for your team.
  2. The team picture day rep should go to the check-in table. There will be a binder of placards. Look through it and find the placard corresponding to your team. Take your team’s placard and keep it.
  3. There will also be a clipboard at the check-in table with a list of teams on it. Put a checkmark next to your team name.
  4. Families will receive digital versions of the individual and team pictures at no extra charge. If the parents on your team are happy with that, you are done with the check-in process. If your parents would like to order prints or other photo products (e.g. plaques, mugs, keychains) then they can fill out one of the order forms at check-in. They should hand these order forms directly to the photographer taking the individual pictures. There should also be an opportunity to order additional photo products when the digital pictures are delivered.
  5. Once your team is ready, players should line up at the tent sheltering the photographer who is taking individual pictures. Give the photographer your team’s placard, a ball that your team would like to be photographed with, and any filled-out order forms you have.
  6. Once the individual photos are taken, the team should head to the tent that is sheltering the photographer that will take the team picture. If you have a team banner, it can be included in the team photo. Some team banners come with stands, but parents can discreetly hold them up behind the team if necessary. A banner is not required, though, and most teams don’t have them.
  7. Once you are done with your team picture, your team is all done! Pictures will be delivered electronically sometime after the last picture day. Stay tuned for more info about that.

Picture Delivery

All individual and team pictures have been sorted into Google folders. All team managers and coaches have been given access to these folders. They should share these folders with the parents on the team (highlight the folder, click on the share icon in the upper right, enter parent emails, and click Done.) Parents who have not yet received access to their team’s picture folders should first contact their team manager and/or coach. If you don’t receive a response, contact teams@ayso13.org.

Ordering Picture Products

Below is a message from the picture company on how to order pictures if you didn’t do so on the day your pictures were taken.

Dear AYSO Parents,
We hope you enjoyed the soccer pictures we did for your region.  If you did not order extra photos and photo products now is your chance to do so!
Follow these simple instructions to order:
1. Download our reorder form below and print it out on your home printer.  Fill the form out completely including your address and your credit or debit card information.



2. Snap a picture of the form with your phone camera and email the form to customerservice@nationwidephoto.com        and attach your individual digital download.  Also in the email message write your picture number down.
3. We will process your order and mail your order to your home address on the order form.
Thank you for your business and Happy Holidays.
Your NSPN Team

NSPN | Nationwide Sports Photography Network

Phone: (818) 821-3957
12616 Ventura Boulevard 
Studio City, CA 91604


If you have questions about the process, please contact the Team Manager Coordinator (teams@ayso13.org).