AYSO Region 13

Pasadena • Altadena • La Cañada

AYSO Region 13

Pasadena • Altadena • La Cañada

Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021


Thank you for volunteering to be a match official. There are THREE STEPS to becoming certified as a referee so you can help provide a world-class soccer experience for our players.

1. Apply to volunteer

  • Go to the registration system at https://ayso13.org/start
  • Create or log into your account. If you already have a family account, click “Add New User” for each additional volunteer. Every volunteer needs a unique email address.
  • Fill out all the forms. Make sure to finish signing the waivers. Volunteers younger than 18 should have an adult e-sign for them.
  • Adults will receive an email from Sterling Volunteers to authorize a background check. Click that link and follow their process. Region 13 has budgeted for the cost of the background check, so volunteers don’t have to pay anything.
  • You should now see something like this

2. Safety classes

  • Go to AYSO University at https://aysou.org/ (not an actual university) and log in with the same email and password you used before.
  • Click on Online Courses on the menu bar
  • Click on the Open button for the first option, Safe Haven Courses.
  • Complete all three online classes: Safe Haven, Concussion, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
  • If you’ve previously completed Concussion or SCA, you may send your certificate and your AYSO ID# to support@ayso.org to request credit.

3. Referee class

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the fun part, a referee class!

  • for 6U – 8U:  take the “6U – 8U” Referee Course
  • for 10U and Older (new to reffing):  take the “Regional” Referee Course
  • for 10U and Older (prior experience in 6U – 8U): take the “8U to Regional Upgrade” Referee Course
  • 12U and Older (prior experience at Regional): take the “Intermediate” Referee Course (recommended)

To see the ages of players in each division, refer to this Soccer Age Chart.

All courses are accessed through AYSOU.org, using the same login as your InLeague account, so you must have your AYSO Volunteer Application submitted to InLeague (Step 1. above) before creating or accessing these courses though your AYSOU.org account.

You can take these courses anywhere in the country — but we recommend Region 13 because our training encompasses our region’s unique culture. The schedule is usually posted here in June. To register for a course in AYSOU, start with In-Person Courses, then Referee Courses. To save everyone some classroom time, there may also be a Companion Course, which you do online, BEFORE attending in person.



Practice Fields

The links above are for teams in the Region 13 Fall program only.
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If you are looking for scores or schedules for Extra, please click the Section 1 website here.
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