Guide to being a Division Coach or Referee Administrator

Each division (like G8U) has a Division Coach Administrator (DCA) and a Division Referee Administrator (DRA).

Directory of current division administrators.

What are my tasks and duties as Division Administrator? 

Overall, you represent the Region to the volunteers for teams in the division. You relay division issues to the region, and you relay region issues to the division. Below is a list of most of the things you’ll end up working on.

  • Welcome parents to the fall soccer league and relay information from the Region.
  • Represent your division to the coach staff (DCA) or referee staff (DRA) and Board of Directors
  • With the support of the Region, ensure the division has enough coaches and referees for the teams to be formed.
  • Admit players from the wait list
  • Assign volunteers and players to teams. The method to form the teams varies based on age division. In 10U – 14U, teams are formed by a blind draw.
  • Distribute uniforms and equipment kits to the coaches.
  • Address questions and concerns from the coaches or families in your division. Escalate concerns to the Region leadership as needed.
  • Send a weekly email to team volunteers. Content and templates are provided by the Region.
  • Ensure coaches submit player assessments at the end of the season.

What are programs / player groups?

  • The program you’ll care about is called the Core Program, also known as the Fall Season.
  • The 6U-8U divisions are the “friendly divisions” where the kids might keep score, but nobody else does.
  • The 10U-14U divisions are the “competitive divisions” where standings are recorded and the program ends with a tournament. 

How do I see my division players and volunteers?

  • First, apply to volunteer and complete the background check and LiveScan. 
  • You will receive a Google Spreadsheet in June with the players and volunteers in your division.
    • Choose HC, AC, R, or M in the Role column, and the volunteer associated with that player will be assigned to that player’s team.
    • Review each volunteer’s certifications. Gently remind the volunteer to complete the training as needed.
    • Put a team number in the Team column, and the player will be assigned to that team number. Use -1 for “not on a team”.
    • More detailed training will be provided over the summer.
    • Record contacts with parents and volunteers in the spreadsheet.
  • You will have the Division Administrator role in our inLeague registration system, for managing the waitlist, looking up player and volunteer history, and editing team assignments.

How do I confirm volunteers?

  • The Registrar ensures that every caregiver is given multiple opportunities to decide to volunteer when they register a child. 
  • Every adult who does not volunteer can expect emails and friendly phone calls from their division administrators to encourage them to change that state of affairs
  • Hogwarts Rule: Help will be given to those who request it.