EPIC = Everyone Plays in our Community

Formerly Very Important Player (VIP)

VIP logo EPIC is for people of all ages who benefit from assistance on the field. A soccer program is built around each individual participant’s needs by the loving and patient volunteer coaches. 

Current Status

Write to tony@ayso13.org to join in.

General Info

The AYSO Everyone Plays In our Communities (EPIC) program was started in 1990 by Region 84 in Mission Viejo to serve the Orange County community, and presently there are EPIC programs in AYSO regions nationwide. Originally named VIP (Very Important Player), it was established to meet the needs and abilities of physically and mentally challenged persons of all ages. Region 13 is honored to be among the regions offering this program, in partnership with other AYSO regions in the San Gabriel Valley. EPIC registration is open to anyone and remains open throughout the season (September – December). As with all AYSO programs, the EPIC program is committed to the AYSO principles: Everyone Plays, Open Registration, Player Development, Positive Coaching, Balanced Teams, and Good Sportsmanship. EPIC pairs each special needs player with a player from our regular program (called a “buddy”) to play soccer. The role of the buddy is to facilitate the special needs player’s involvement. We modify the rules if necessary to account for any issues of mobility or comprehension. In this way, both the special needs players and the buddies benefit from the program. Additionally, the players wear uniforms and are presented with trophies at the end of the season.

VIP Brochure

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