Required for all volunteers

  1. Annual volunteer application (InLeague)
  2. Annual background check (InLeague)
  3. Livescan
  4. Safesport
  5. AYSO Safe Haven (Update: coaches now may also take the online version)
  6. CDC Concussion Awareness – Online (Safe Haven Training Library)
  7. Sudden Cardiac Arrest – Online (Safe Haven Training Library)

Apply to volunteer

The first step is to apply to volunteer. This will start your background check. Go ahead and let AYSO pay for the background check — it’s built into the program budget. For more information on how to access all of our Volunteer training please see the Volunteer Training FAQ.

Learn more about being a coach in AYSO Region 13

Please read our Coach Guide for more information and guidance about coaching in Region 13. 

Coach Training

AYSO has the nation’s only accredited coach education program. The foundation of these classes is that kids’ psychological, emotional, and social development are the basis for learning. If you lead with that, and let the kids be kids, then soccer is the easy part.

Coaches take a class every two years that certifies them to lead a team. Classes focus on age-appropriate skills, strategies, and tactics for players; for example, a typical 5-year-old is not yet ready to pass to teammates, so the focus is on teaching that 5-year-old to dribble and kick the ball toward the goal. (Exception: 6U and 7/8U have different classes, but the 6U one is short anyhow).

Coaches, like all AYSO volunteers, have several training requirements mandated by federal and state laws to ensure player safety and protection. Nearly all of these requirements must only be completed once, with the exception of the annual volunteer application and background check. 

Which class do I take?

See the table below. While many coaches take classes in order (starting with 6U), there are no prerequisites for 6U, 8U, 10U, or 12U classes. The Intermediate and Advanced Classes have experience and class-based prerequisites.

How do I schedule my class?

All coach training is scheduled through AYSOU, and classes are available in Region 13 and surrounding areas (e.g., Arcadia, Glendale, South Pasadena, etc.). You can take a specific class anywhere in the nation if you want, though we encourage you to take classes in Region 13 since instructors often include Region 13-specific information.

Age  What’s new Class to take Prerequisites
6U Run and kick the ball toward the goal 6U Coach Background check
Safe Haven
7U, 8U Get and keep possession (screening, passing) 8U Coach
10U  Gain and protect territory; wide vs compact 10U Coach
12U Deception and restraint; position-specific jobs 12U Coach
14U Specialization, developing and executing training Intermediate Coach 1 “season” as a 12U coach (can be Fall or Spring)
16U-19U Teenagers, game analysis and planning Advanced Coach 1 “season” as Intermediate coach (can be Fall or Spring)


For more information on how to access all of our Volunteer training please see the Volunteer Training FAQ.