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You can register now for Grad Series in Winter 2023.

Players selected for All-Stars will be invited to register toward the beginning of December.

Winter Stars registration will open soon. If you’d like to help organize the program, please write to

If you are joining the upper division pickup game group, or you are playing in All-Stars or Grad Series and did not participate in the Fall League, please also register for a $35 AYSO membership to cover the costs of your registration with the national organization, injury insurance, volunteer background checks, and administrative overhead.

Program Price
Winter Stars $125
Grad Series $150
All-Stars $150
VIP (special needs) no charge for continuing players
16U-19U scrimmage no charge for continuing players
AYSO membership $35

Refund policy

Plans change, and players need to withdraw from a soccer program. At the same time, when a player is registered for any program, the fee is used to purchase insurance, pay bank fees, reserve fields, purchase uniforms, and purchase equipment to support the player’s enrollment.

For the Fall 2022 season (all but Upper Division)

    • All but $35 per player will be refundable through July 31, 2022.
    • All but $50 per player will be refundable through Labor Day
    • Please don’t drop out after August 15. That really makes it hard on the team, though it’s better than on the day of the first game.
    • No amount will be refundable on or after Tuesday, September 6, 2022 (the first day of practices).

For the Fall 2022 season (Upper Division only)

    • All but $35 per player will be refundable through July 10, 2022.
    • No amount will be refundable on or after July 11, 2022 (the team draft).

Volunteers process refunds every few weeks. If you request a refund before August 15, we can simply refund it to your credit card. After that, it’ll probably take  a month to send you a check.

Click here to tell us you are withdrawing

For the Winter Season 2022-2023 (includes All Stars, 

    • 80% will be refundable until December 31, 2022.
    • 60% will be refundable through January 6, 2023.
    • No amount will be refundable on or after Saturday, January 7, 2023.

After withdrawing from a program, you will retain the benefits of your annual AYSO National Membership, which you can take with you to any AYSO Region in the country over the course of the membership year in which the membership fee was paid.

If you have any general questions about this Refund Policy or about the Refund Request Form, please direct them to our  Registrar ( and Treasurer ( If you have questions about your AYSO National Membership, you are welcome to call the national headquarters at 800-872-2976. You may also contact national headquarters using the contact page at