Practice Fields – Fall 2022

All field assignments

Click here for the Fall 2022 Practice Field schedule.

General Instructions

  • Practices start Tues. Sept. 6, 2022.
  • If your regularly scheduled practice is on Monday, you’ll miss your first practice on 9/5 due to Labor Day, so you can make it up any day that week at the Rose Bowl Area Hclick here for details
  • Practice is once per week for everyone (except Upper Division and EXTRA). Practice only at your assigned day, field and time. Practicing outside your assigned, permitted fields risks all of our permits and our players’ safety. Coaches who violate this policy will be suspended – no exceptions.
  • For locations and field layouts, find your field at the FIELDS page. Note the layout of specific practice spaces – we have new ones every year. Work with other coaches to create spaces. If for some reason we mistakenly assigned the same space to two teams, e-mail, and Kellie will work it out. 
  • If someone outside of AYSO encroaches on your space – pick-up games, public users, etc. – note that Region 13 has permits for the field you have been assigned, so you are within your rights to ask people to move. Be courteous – and if you encounter problems, text Marco @ 818-468-3693.
  • Look to see if there are any special Instructions under the field’s name on the FIELDS page. This will contain anything specific you need to know about the field’s lights, gates, parking, etc. Questions? E-mail
  • Individual practices are not rescheduled. If a coach must miss practice, a properly trained and certified assistant / substitute must be present to hold practice.
  • If you notice empty space next to your field, you may use it, temporarily. Share with others as needed. Just be aware that such space may not always remain available. If you’re lucky enough to spread out for a couple weeks, don’t be surprised if a team then shows up there later in the season. We often need space mid-season for teams that displaced from other spots. The only space you have a right to is the specific one you are assigned.

Blackout Dates

Please note the blackout dates listed below due to school events.

Anyone scheduled for practice these nights can make up practice that week only at the Rose Bowl Area Hclick here for details

  • LCHS-JV closed FRI 10-14-22
  • Oak Grove closed FRI 10-14-22
  • Allendale closed MON 10-31-22

Problems / Questions

For immediate logistical issues – e.g. locked field, no lights – text 818-468-3693 for help.

For longer-term scheduling issues – e.g. field not working out, another coach claims same spot – e-mail

Thank you for Coaching!

Play nice with each other, and have fun out there!

Click here for the Fall 2022 Practice Field schedule.