Volunteer Leadership

AYSO Region 13 is run entirely by volunteers. Everyone you meet who “runs” the region is a volunteer! There are many different volunteer roles inside the region and many ways you can contribute to our community soccer program.

Board meetings are on the first Thursday of every month at 7:15 pm, and everyone is welcome to attend. See the Calendar for the next one. If you have a topic you would like discussed at the next board meeting, please email the Regional Commissioner at rc@ayso13.org.

Executive Board

Regional Commissioner (RC) Terry Takahashi rc@ayso13.org
Assistant RC and RC Emerita Taj Chiu taj@ayso13.org
Regional Coach Administrator (RCA) Brandi Lane coach@ayso13.org
Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) Patrick Shopbell referee@ayso13.org
Treasurer Shant Kamanjian treasurer@asyo13.org
Assistant RC and Registrar Shanti Rao registrar@ayso13.org
Safety Director Dan Jeffries safety@ayso13.org
Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) Michele Vallisneri cvpa@ayso13.org
Secretary Joanie Paik secretary@ayso13.org
Auditor DeWayne McMullin auditor@ayso13.org

Club operations

Communications OPEN communications@ayso13.org
Web site Al Padley webmaster@ayso13.org
Fields Marco Quezada fields@ayso13.org
Practice Field Coordinator Kellie Pruett kellie@ayso13.org
Uniforms & Equipment Kristy Orzewalla kristy@ayso13.org
Special events OPEN  
Sisterhood of Soccer Caroline Amicone sisterhood@ayso13.org
LAFC Liaison Pam Leavitt pam@ayso13.org
VIP Coordinator Tony D’Angelo vip@ayso13.org
Tournament Director Steve Haegelin td@ayso13.org
Picture Day Coordinator Amandeep Singh pictures@ayso13.org
Volunteer & Team Manager Coordinator Vandana Desai teams@ayso13.org
Winter Stars Coordinator Heather Chen winterstars@ayso13.org
Grad Series Coordinator Jonathan Gardner gradseries@ayso13.org
Advanced Play Coordinator Craig Rosebraugh advancedplay@ayso13.org
4U/5U Program Coordinator Oscar Alvarez-Salazar coach4u@ayso13.org
Director of Coach Instruction Lucas Pierce training@ayso13.org
Director of Referee Instruction Steve Hawkins  

Division Coach Administrators (DCA) – More information about coaching is on the Coach page.

Region Coach Administrator Brandi Lane coach@ayso13.org
Deputy Coach Administrator Susan Streets susan@ayso13.org
B6U Division Coach Administrator Cara Gamberdella coachb6u@ayso13.org
G6U Division Coach Administrator Lynnette Ramirez coachg6u@ayso13.org
B7U Division Coach Administrator Terry Takahashi coachb7u@ayso13.org
G7U Division Coach Administrator Andy Thompson coachg7u@ayso13.org
B8U Division Coach Administrator Bridget Powers coachb8u@ayso13.org
G8U Division Coach Administrator Gus Razo coachg8u@ayso13.org
B10U Division Coach Administrator Monika Wehbe coachb10u@ayso13.org
B10U Asst. Division Coach Administrator OPEN  
G10U Division Coach Administrator Frank Garibaldo coachg10u@ayso13.org
B12U Division Coach Administrator Brandi Lane coachb12u@ayso13.org
G12U Division Coach Administrator Janine Arai coachg12u@ayso13.org
B14U Division Coach Administrator Susan Streets coachb14u@ayso13.org
G14U Division Coach Administrator Azeem Khaja coachg14u@ayso13.org
Upper Division (16U/19U) Coordinator George Hervey ud@ayso13.org

Referee Administrators – More information about refereeing can be found on the Referee page.

Region Referee Administrator Patrick Shopbell referee@ayso13.org
Assistant Region Referee Administrator Matthew Goldman matthew@ayso13.org
6U-8U Division Referee Administrator Kai Ryssdal ref8u@ayso13.org
10U Division Referee Administrator Rich Aguilar ref10u@ayso13.org
12U Division Referee Administrator Brian Bonham / Matthew Goldman ref12u@ayso13.org
14U Division Referee Administrator Mark Windsor ref14u@ayso13.org
Upper Division (16U/19U) Referee Administrator Cristi Tudusciuc ref16u@ayso13.org