Fall 2023 Standings

Note: these are sorted by raw points. The Rose City Cup adjusts for number of games played, which differs among the teams. Ties are resolved by the criteria at the bottom of this page. See Tournament flights.

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Sportsmanship Points

Referee Points

Rose City Cup: Tournament flights.

2022 Results

Results from all playoff games (Bracket Format)

Results from 12/14-12/17 playoff games

Results from 12/10 playoff games

Results from 12/03 playoff games

2022 Standings

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If # of games played was uneven (usually due to weather), point totals were pro-rated to determine final standings for playoff seedings. Therefore, playoff seedings may differ slightly from posted standings, once pro-rating and tiebreakers are taken into account. 

How Standings Work

League standings are kept for 10U, 12U, and 14U divisions, using the QR code on the game card to report game results, which include referee participation and sporting behavior. For younger divisions (6U, 7U, and 8U), there are no standings, game reports are used to monitor attendance, referee participation, and sporting behavior. For Upper Division standings, check ayso1c.org.

Teams are divided into pools and play in a round-robin format over the course of the season. A few “friendly” and “practice” games are sprinkled in (with teams from other pools), which do not count towards the standings. Teams earn 3 Field Points for a win and 1 Field Point for a tie. The team with the most Field Points (after pro-rating) in each pool “wins” the season and receives a trophy. The team with the most Field Points (after pro-rating) in each entire division earns the right to represent Region 13 in the Area 1-C League Playoffs against other Regions in the San Gabriel Valley. All teams advance to the Region 13 Fall Playoffs.

Teams also earn Referee Points* and Sporting Conduct Points** throughout the season. Failure to do so may affect the team’s final place in the standings. 

After pro-rating to adjust for any uneven # of games played, ties in Field Points are resolved by the following tiebreakers:

  1. Referee Participation*
  2. Sporting Conduct**
  3. Head-to-Head Winner
  4. Fewest Goals Allowed (pro-rated, if needed)
  5. Coin Toss

Region 13 Fall Playoffs (10U-14U)

Based on the final standings in the pools, teams are re-grouped into “flights” for the playoff tournament, held during the two weekends after Thanksgiving weekend (not Thanksgiving weekend – that’s reserved for the Thanksgiving Tournament). The top teams from each pool form Flight “A”, the winners of which advance to the Area 1-C League Playoffs against other Regions in the San Gabriel Valley (see below). The other teams form Flight “B” and sometimes Flight “C” to compete for glory, a trophy, and a juice box. 

The playoff schedule is posted above. All 10U-14U teams play 1-2 games on Sat. Dec. 3 (Sun. 12/4 rain date), with winners advancing to the semi-final games on Sat. Dec. 11 and Finals on Sun. Dec. 12. That said, playoffs are often affected by weather, field availability, and other factors, so there could be changes to the schedule, and teams could end up having games during either or both weekends (Dec. 3-4 and Dec. 10-11), including sometimes as many as 2-4 games in one weekend. 


In pool play:

  • For U10, players will either receive a trophy (1st place), a placement medal (2nd, 3rd, 4th place), or a participation medal.
  • For U12 and U14, players can receive a trophy (1st place) or a a placement medal (2nd, 3rd, 4th place). No participation medals will be given out.
  • Because of weather, some teams played 8 games, others played 9. Rankings depend on points-per-game. Coaches will be emailed with instructions to pick up awards.

In playoffs:

  • Finalists will receive trophies or medals at the completion of the tournament.

Area 1-C League Champions Tournament

As mentioned above, the season’s league winners (the team with the most points at the end of pool play) and the playoff Flight A winners represent Region 13 in the Area 1-C Champions Tournament. In the event those are the same team, the 2nd place team in Flight A will also advance to the Area 1-C 1 Champions Tournament. This weekend tournament will be Dec 16-17 in 2023 and could involve as many as 4 games in one weekend, if a team keeps winning. Winners advance to the Section 1 Playoffs, usually held in early March in Redlands. 

* Referee Participation

After officiating a game, team refs should log into InLeague and make sure (1) they get credit for their game; and (2) the credit goes to the correct team. In a tiebreaker, delinquency in Referee Points may affect a team’s final place in the standings in its division. 

** Sporting Conduct

After each game, referees use a five-point scale to separately rate the players, the coaches, and the fans on each team. Three points for each is an average score. More or fewer points can be assigned based on conduct. In a tiebreaker, a disparity of 9 or more Sporting Conduct Points may affect a team’s final place in the standings in its division.