AYSO Region 13

Pasadena • Altadena • La Cañada

AYSO Region 13

Pasadena • Altadena • La Cañada

Friday, Jan. 28, 2022


Safety comes first in Region 13. Your Region 13 board is working hard behind the scenes to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19. With the unprecedented surge in cases in LA County and the nation, we need to be extra careful. 

.Region 13 recognizes that the situation is ever-evolving, and we will continue to monitor changes to State, County, and City guidelines and requirements.  We are following the latest LA County Guidelines for Youth Sports, issued January 3, and the latest Pasadena Public Health Department guidelines.  These are summarized below.

Participation in our current soccer program requires agreeing to abide by the COVID-19 protocols as outlined below.

Before you play, coach, ref, or otherwise interact with teams . . .

Check yourself for COVID-19 symptoms.  If you have symptoms or are not feeling well:

      • Do not go to practices or games, let your coach know, monitor your symptoms and continue with weekly COVID-19 tests if required.
      • Show or submit documentation as needed by the protocols below, which vary by age group, vaccination status, and prior infection.  If the protocols ask that you test, you must do a screening or diagnostic test, namely a PCR/NAAT test or an Antigen test, done by a health-care provider.  The antibody test is not meaningful for screening .  You can read LA County’s description of tests here.
Coaches, proceed as if at any given practice, you or one of your players is positive for COVID-19.  Over 20,000 new daily cases in recent days.  The test positivity rate is nearly 25% County-wide, and around 10% at some of our school districts.  So the chances are high that any given practice or game of yours will have a positive case present but unknown.  Many are asymptomatic and vaccinated.  So please take our exhortations for diligence to heart.


Summary of important links

Routine Testing needed weekly

Anyone over twelve years old who is not “up-to-date” with vaccinations (i.e. boosted if eligible, see below) must test weekly to participate.  If you provide proof of prior infection in the last 90 days, you are exempt from weekly testing.

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, regardless of age, vaccination status or prior infection, should test.

Anyone without a prior infection in the last 90 days must test weekly for two weeks after any close contact with a COVID-19 case.

If you turn 12 during the season, these testing requirements will apply to you as soon as you turn 12.


Masks Required

LADPH Guidelines now require masks to be worn for high-risk outdoor sports.  Soccer is considered high risk.  Masks must be worn at all times, but if masks must be taken off for drinking or eating or any other reason, then a minimum six-foot distance must be maintained to other people, even masked people.  Without spacing, your team will be subject to quarantine if a person tests positive even as long as two days after practice.
Masks must be well fitting, must cover both the nose and the mouth, and preferably be of the KN95 or N95 type.
Coaches, we implore you to keep an eye on masks continually throughout practice and ensure players are properly wearing masks.  Breaks and when you are speaking to your team as a group are times that need particular attention.  Consider implementing routines that maximize spacing during breaks, for example have players space out their water bottles/backpacks at the start of practice and return to those spots at breaks.  If you cannot maintain 6-feet separations at these times you run the risk that your team will be exposed to a positive case and have to quarantine, not to mention the possibility that team members could contract the virus from the exposure.
Parents, please be sure to talk to your players about the importance of masks and ensure they have a well-fitting mask (and a backup mask) when they go to practice.  And also remind them of the need to maintain distances.
Spectators should wear masks on the sidelines (Region 13 policy, LA County recommendation).

Vaccination and Boosting

Fully Vaccinated” means at least two weeks have passed after your final dose.
Up-to-date” with vaccinations means fully vaccinated and, if you are eligible, boosted.  Children over twelve will be considered up-to-date even if not boosted, given that  eligibility was only opened after LA County published their 1/3 Youth Sports guidelines.  If you have not yet submitted to the Region your current vaccination status, please upload your documentation to https://ayso13.org/forms/  So, if you have been boosted since your last upload, please upload a photo/screenshot of that new documentation.
People who are up-to-date (ie. boosted if eligible) with their vaccinations are exempt from routine testing and from quarantine unless they have symptoms or a positive test.

Prior infection

People who are out of their isolation period from a prior infection in the last 90 days are exempt from routine testing and from quarantine unless they have symptoms.  The 90 days start from the onset of symptoms, or, in the absence of symptoms, from the date of the positive test that first indicated infection.



If you test positive, regardless of vaccination status, please report it to your coach and also to the Region as soon as possible via our Positive Test Report Form so we can provide isolation instructions and inform people who may have been exposed to you.  We will not divulge your identity without your permission.  But we encourage you to let your team know, so families can more easily determine if they had close contact with you.
If you had close contact to a positive case, please inform the Region via our Exposure Status Form so we can provide instructions regarding quarantine.



If you test positive, you must isolate yourself.  Details are at the link provided above, but the gist of it is that you can only break isolation if any symptoms are improving, you’ve been fever-free for 24 hours without antipyretic medication, and at least 10 days have passed (or at least 5 days if you test negative on day 5 or later).  Day 0 is the first day of symptoms, or, if you have no symptoms, the date your positive test was taken.  For breaking isolation, LA County recommends an Antigen test, as PCR tests often remain positive for a while after infection has passed.


Exposure and Quarantine

If you have close contact with a person who is in their infectious phase, you are subject to quarantine.  Details are at the link provided above, but the gist of it is that you need not quarantine if your vaccinations are up-to-date or you’ve had covid in the last 90 days, you have no symptoms, and you commence testing weekly for two weeks.  For prior covid infections, proof must be submitted (a positive test or doctor’s diagnosis).  Note that the prior-infection exemption from quarantine comes from the 1/11/22 LACDPH Quarantine Order which supercedes and contradicts the 1/4/22 LACDPH Youth Sports Exposure Management Plan.  Things are in flux.

Otherwise, you must quarantine for at least 9 days after your exposure, or at least 5 days if you test negative on day 5 or later.

Immediate testing after exposure is recommended.  Day 0 is the day of your most recent exposure.  If exposure is to a family member where isolation is often not practicable, Day 0 is the day of the most recent exposure to the family member.


Infectious period

The infectious period of a person starts two days before symptoms start or, in the absence of symptoms, two days before the first positive test was taken.  The infectious period ends when the person’s isolation period ends.


Close Contact

You are considered to be a “close contact” if you are closer than 6 feet to someone in their infectious period for a total of 15 minutes of more over a 24-hour period.  Multiple brief contacts are to be summed – it is the cumulative time that counts.


Physical Distancing

All coaches, spectators, and players not actively playing shall make best efforts to maintain a distance of six feet separation when possible and shall respect the space of anyone trying to maintain physical distance.

Please take these guidelines to heart so that we may have as smooth, safe, and enjoyable an All-Stars, Winter-Stars, and Grad-Series season as possible.

Thank you.

Further general COVID-19 information is available by calling 211 or 626-744-6068 for information on health insurance and primary care physicians. For the latest information, on COVID-19 and youth sports,  see the Pasadena Public Health Department Health Orders and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health OrdersPlease Note: This is an evolving document and is subject to change, as state and local guidelines are adjusted with regards to youth sports. Please continue to check back here for updates.

Last updated: 01/17/2022



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