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  • October 29th, 2023 – La Canada High School
    • G10U: 9-10:30
    • B10U: 10:30-Noon
    • G12U: Noon-1:30
    • B12U: 1:30-3
    • G14U 3-4:30
    • B14U: 4:30-6
  • November 5th, 2023 – La Canada High School
    • G10U: 9-10:30
    • B10U: 10:30-Noon
    • G12U: Noon-1:30
    • B12U: 1:30-3
    • G14U 3-4:30
    • B14U: 4:30-6
  • November 12th, 2023 – Time TBD (Rain make up)

Other Key Dates

November 26, 2023, at midnight Deadline to submit this form to be eligible to be selected for an All Star team
Mid-December All Stars Team Announcements
January – Mid-March All Stars season, Games on Saturdays & Sundays

General Information

Our popular Thanksgiving Tournament will not be held in 2023, due to a field conflict with UCLA football. We will return in 2024!

Players from the Fall program in 10U, 12U, and 14U try out each October to participate on teams that represent Region 13 in the All–Star season (Jan-Mar). 

The official game schedule will always be at the Area 1C All-Stars Page


To be considered for All-Stars, please register here. Registration does not guarantee a spot on a team.

Players selected for All-Star teams will hear from coaches in mid-December, at which time they will be given a separate link to confirm their spot and pay the All-Star fee which is TBD.


Players must register online to be considered for All-Stars and/or Thanksgiving Tournament teams. There will be two tryouts. Players are not required to tryout, but are strongly encouraged to do so. To be eligible for the Thanksgiving Tournament, players must fill out the online form by the deadline. To be eligible for All-Stars, players must submit a completed form by the Sunday after Thanksgiving at midnight. Players must have played in one-half of their Fall team’s games to be eligible. 


Family volunteerism does factor into the selection of players for the simple fact that we must have Coaches and Referees (in particular) to run the All­‐Stars program. A family with a Coach or Referee may receive priority placement depending on the need for volunteers.

Coaches are selected based on their track record of developing players during the core program, a reputation for positive coaching, and a history of going above and beyond to promote good sportsmanship. Ways you can demonstrate this during the core program are by using the correct game cards, reporting scores promptly, providing prompt and actionable feedback during the core season, helping with league events, and going out of your way to encourage the other volunteer coaches and referees.

Commitment to the Program

A key to the success of the program is the commitment to attend all practices and games. This commitment sometimes interferes with other activities. Please be aware of this potential conflict when deciding what is best for your son or daughter.

    • Practices: There will typically be two practices per week during the All-Stars season.
    • Games: There will be two games most weekends (including Sundays, and both the MLK and Presidents Day weekends). Rainouts may be made up on weekday evenings. Games begin in the middle of January and run through February, with playoffs one or two weekends in March.
    • Travel: Travel in the San Gabriel Valley is required.
    • Priorities: Players selected for All-Star or Thanksgiving Tournament teams must complete their Fall Season practices and games. The Fall team’s schedule takes precedence.
    • Ages: 10U, 12U, and 14U

If you usually go skiing on weekends in January and February, let someone else have the All-Star spot.

Levels of Play

Participation on an All­‐Star team allows players the opportunity to play at a level higher than the Fall season. All-Star teams from Region 13 compete against teams from Area 1-C, which is comprised of Alhambra, Arcadia, Boyle Heights, Glendale, San Gabriel, South El Monte, South Pasadena, and Temple City.

There are three levels of play (Section, Area, and Region) for each gender in 10U and 12U, and two levels (Sectional and Area) in each gender for 14U. 

Section Team: There is one Sectional team. It is selected first and comprised of players with the strongest skills and ability to meet the All-Star commitments. Typically this team is made up of older players. If it wins the Area 1-C playoffs at the end of the All-Star Season, the Sectional team moves on to the Section 1 playoffs, where it plays for the right to Represent Section 1 in the Western States Championship. .

Area Team: There is typically one Area team. It is selected second and it is typically comprised of younger players who have stronger skills and have the ability to meet the All- Star commitments. The Area team can participate in the Area 1-C playoffs if they finish as one of the top teams in Area 1-C.

Region Teams: There can be one or more Regional teams. These teams are comprised of both older and younger players and are balanced relative to each other. The play is quite competitive and provides players with a great opportunity to develop and enhance their skills. They, too, can participate in the Area 1-C playoffs if they finish as one of the top teams in Area 1-C.

Teams formed for the Thanksgiving Tournament may be similarly divided into levels of play, but they are not known by the above names. They are simply referred to as Team 1, Team 2, etc. 

Selection Criteria and Process

The selection of Thanksgiving Tournament and All-Star teams is a collective process, with all interested coaches having input. Players are selected based on their performance during tryouts, observation of players during fall season games, the needs of individual teams, player age, roster size restrictions, input from the player’s Fall coach, demonstrated commitment to the extra practices and travel required, family volunteerism, and the family’s track record of regard toward AYSO principles and values. This last factor is very important. It is possible that a skilled player will not be selected if, in the opinion of the coaches, a player or his or her parents are divisive or disruptive to team unity.

Please note that family volunteerism and reputation for teamwork also factors as one of the components for selection of players. For example, Coach and Referee volunteers run the All-­Stars program.

Unfortunately, not every qualified player may be placed on a team. Only limited number of teams can be formed. Further, the coaches regrettably have only a limited amount of time to evaluate many talented players. It is difficult to decide which players to select. The coaches do their best and hope that in the event a player is not selected, he or she will nonetheless continue to work hard and to participate enthusiastically in the other programs offered by Region 13.

What can you do make your player a stronger candidate for all-stars? Become a referee! As far as we can tell, hiring a private trainer is no more effective than enjoying soccer so much that you’ll want to kick a ball against a wall for  hours at a time, or go to the park with some friends to play a pick-up game.

Costs – Thanksgiving Tournament

The Thanksgiving Tournament fee is approximately $30-40 per player (varies by division and team size) and a referee deposit per player. These fees will be handled directly by the coach. The referee deposit will be returned if the team fulfills its referee and volunteer responsibilities. Note that payment for the Thanksgiving Tournament is entirely though the coaches, NOT the InLeague registration system.

Costs – All Stars

Region 13’s All-Stars program is independent from the Fall Season and is entirely self-supporting, per AYSO National policy. Families hoping to participate should plan on expenses for registration and local travel. The fee for 2022 is $150.

Region 13 All-Stars teams will be provided with uniforms, which are the players’ to keep. Players are provided with a Region 13 sweatshirt. AYSO does not allow names, nicknames, or other personal information to be displayed on uniforms or spirit clothing.

Tournament Season

After the All-Stars season, teams sometimes stay together or combine with other teams to participate in Spring Cup and/or various tournaments around Southern California during Spring and Summer. Each tournament has an entry fee per player, plus a referee deposit, and there may be travel/lodging expenses, all of which is separate from any Region 13 program fees. Check with your coach about his or her plans for your team, fundraising opportunities, and what you can do to make the tournament season an experience to cherish. In the event an All-Star team decides to stay together for tournaments, participation is entirely optional. Players may be added to replace those who choose not to continue on the team.



Region 13’s Advanced Play Coordinator is Samir Singh and he can be reached at The All-Star Season is run by Area 1C. You can find contact information at and can direct questions to the Area Post-Season Coordinator at

Advanced Play expects parents and players to take more responsibility. Please refer to the full program rules here.