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All Stars is an invitation-only program offering an advanced skill level of soccer to AYSO families who are ready to make a sustained commitment to playing soccer.

If you are interested in participating as a soccer player in our next All-Star season (with tryouts in October), please visit this page.

If you are interested in being a coach for All Stars, please fill out the form on this page.

All-Stars consists of three levels of play (Sectional, Area, and Regional).  The program is an AYSO Area 1/C program in the U10, U12, and U14 divisions. Within each level, Region 13 All-Star teams will play All-Star teams from the other AYSO regions within Area 1/C, all of which are located in the West San Gabriel Valley (Arcadia, San Gabriel, Alhambra, Glendale, Temple City, South Pasadena, El Monte, and Boyle Heights). Games are held on fields in all regions, so local travel is required. Games will be held on both Saturdays and Sundays in January and February, including both the MLK and Presidents’ Day holiday weekends. Rainouts may be made up on weekday evenings. Practice begins in December, with games beginning in mid January and running through mid to late February, including playoffs (although Sectional teams may play into March, as described below). Tryouts are held on Sundays afternoons on 10/19, 11/2 and 12/7 .

All-Star participation entails an opportunity to play at a higher level against better competition from throughout Area 1C. With the honor and recognition of being selected to All-Stars come commitment and responsibility, which extend to both player and family. Above all, practices and games are not optional; they are mandatory. There will typically be two practices per week during the All-Star season, plus two games on most weekends (including Sundays, and both the MLK and President’s Day weekends), and local travel will be required. In addition, for the remainder of the fall season, players must be able to attend practices of their Thanksgiving tournament and/or All-Star team in addition to their fall season team. This commitment sometimes interferes with other activities or sports. Please be aware of this potential conflict when deciding what is best for your son or daughter, and review the calendar that is provided below, in order to avoid making a commitment that cannot be kept.

For each gender in each division within the region, there is one Sectional team and one Area team. These teams are made up of the better skilled players within the division, with the Sectional team composed of all or mostly older players and the Area team of mostly younger players within the division. Sectional teams may go on to play in the Section 1 playoffs in March, and if a Sectional team finishes as one of the top two teams in Section 1, it goes on to play in the Tri-Section Tournament in late March or early April against like teams from all over Southern California.

There are also one or more Regional teams in each division, composed of both older and younger players and balanced relative to each other. Play is quite competitive and provides players with a great opportunity to develop and enhance their skills. The commitment expected of players on Regional teams is equivalent to that for the Sectional and Area teams.

Three tryout sessions are held, two before Thanksgiving and one after Thanksgiving, and any player may try out. A player must attend at least one tryout to be eligible for selection to an All-Star team. All players are encouraged to attend as many tryouts as possible. This enables each player to more fully display his or her skills and to be observed more closely by the coaches. Players are strongly encouraged to attend more than just the last tryout after Thanksgiving, because if a player chose not to attend either of the first two tryouts and then missed the last tryout due to unforeseen circumstances, he/she would not be eligible to play in the All-Star program.

The selection of All-Star teams is a collaborative process with all interested coaches having input. Players are selected based on their performance during tryouts, observation of players during fall season games, the needs of individual teams, player age and roster size restrictions, input from the player’s fall season coach, demonstrated commitment to the extra practices and travel required, family volunteerism, and adherence by the player and his or her family to AYSO principles and values. This last factor is very important. It is possible that a skilled player will not be selected if, in the opinion of the coaches, a player or his or her parents are divisive or disruptive to team unity.

If a player is not selected for an All-Star team, it does not necessarily mean he or she does not have the skills needed. There is a finite number of teams that can be formed within a given division. Further, the coaches regrettably have only a limited amount of time to evaluate many talented players. The coaches do their best and hope that in the event a player is not selected, he or she will nonetheless keep working hard and continue to participate enthusiastically in the other programs offered by Region 13.

Region 13’s All-Star program is independent from the fall season and is entirely self-supporting, per AYSO National policy. Families hoping to participate should plan on expenses for registration, local travel, and (optionally) spirit clothing.

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