For the 6U-8U divisions, games are played on two adjacent fields simultaneously. Half of your players will play on one field supervised by one coach while the other half will play on the other field, supervised by the other coach. Your opponent will do the same. There are no goalies and all players play the entire game. While you might think that players will score a lot of goals with this format, you’ll be surprised how difficult it is for a player to score with no goalie.

After halftime, the home team will switch fields so both teams will get to play against each group.

The laws of the game are modified in the 6U-8U program

Tips on Preparing for the game:

  • Divide your team in half before the game. In the spirit of the AYSO philosophies, we recommend that you divide the make each group roughly the same skill level, which makes it fun for all the players on both teams. As the season progresses, try to allow different players to play together vs. keeping the same players in each group.
  • Encourage your players to try to get the ball and kick it whenever the ball is near them. Many players at these ages will watch the ball, watch the opponent dribble the ball, or even run away from the ball to defend their own goal.
  • Before the game and before the start of the second half (i.e., after the teams swich direction), talk with your players to see if they understand which goal they are supposed to score on and which one they are supposed to defend. Point out which goal is which. You’ll have to do this frequently in the beginning of the season, but most players will get it as the season progresses.