Victory Park

On game days, you’ll find the field hosts here to answer questions.

If you see groups playing softball during official AYSO practice times, please call Pasadena Park Safety at (626) 744-4241.

Fields for practices

Fields for games

Victory Park Field Map

Fields 1, 2, 5 are 10U fields. They each get 2 goals, 6 yards x 6 feet. Each end of each tube is color-coded. If you have two tubes with the same colors, one of those tubes belongs to a different set. Be sure to stake them into the ground so they don’t fall over.

Field 4 is 12U. It gets 2 goals, 7 yards x 7 feet. The square channels will slide smoothly if they’re parallel. Please resist the temptation to whack them with a mallet; this compromises the joint strength and hastens their demise.

Fields 3 and 6 are 8U. They each get two Bownets, 4′ x 6′. So, 8 Bownets altogether.

Fields 7 and 8 are for 6U. They each get two Bownets, 4′ x 6′. Also 8 Bownets altogether.

How to set up Victory park

If your team has the first game of the day on your field

  • Choose a parent to help set up at 7am. Sign up here. It takes about an hour for 6 – 8 people to unload the container, sort the equipment, inspect the fields, and set up the tent so that the parents who arrive 30 minutes before their games have enough time to set up their goals. It’s mostly carrying heavy loads, and kids are welcome to help, one goal tube at a time. Steve brings donuts and coffee.
  • Everyone else, arrive at least 30 minutes early to set up the goals for your field.
  • See this explainer for the goals
  • How to Build the 12U Goals

Opening the storage container (in the parking lot, with the Region 13 logo on the door)

  • Hang the lock inside on the right side of the shelf so the closers can find it
  • Remove the 4 x 12U goal frames and square channels. This is enough to make 2 goals. Carry them across the parking lot while it’s still empty, and set them down on the grass. The 12U goals each have a bag with a net and 4 stakes. These are on the right side, between the two shelves.
  • Remove the 10U goal tubes. Organize them to the east of the contanier in the “No Parking” area, in 6 piles, containing one of each type of color-coded tube.
  • Put the 10U nets, 4 stakes, and 2 flags with each 10U goal pile.
  • Coaches will pick the goals up about 30 minutes before their games. 
  • Remove the 8 bownets. They’re all the same size. Each 6U and 8U field gets two nets.
  • Set up the administration tents, two small folding tables, and a couple of folding chairs on the lawn below field 7.
  • Plant field number signs
  • Bring the bin of stakes and mallets to the admin tent
  • Bring the tote with supplies, game cards, and such to the admin tent
  • Bring the bins with spare balls, lost and found, and shoe exchange to the admin tent

How to clean up Victory park

After the final game on your field, please help clean up.

The storage container is in the parking lot, with a big Region 13 logo on the door.

  • 12U
    • Bring your 2 field signs to the storage container. Field signs go in the front left corner.
    • The straight parts go on the third shelf of the storage container (see above).
    • The goal frames slide into the walkway on the left side of the container (there is a sign). Leave them taped together.
    • The nets go on the floor between the two shelves, on the right side. Next to the flags.
    • The stakes go into the bin of stakes.
    • Flags lean against the wall, right side between the two shelves. Next to the 12U nets.
    • Bring the table and chairs at the admin tent, and anything on them to the storage container, too. They go on the left front side.
  •  10U
    • Bring your 2 field signs to the storage container.
    • The elbow parts go on the second shelf. Straight parts go on the bottom shelf (see above). Keep them off the floor so we don’t trip on them.
    • The nets go on the top shelf (see above).
    • The stakes go into the bin of stakes.
    • Flags lean against the wall, right side between the two shelves.
    • Dismantle the tents. Use the convenient wheeled transport bags.
    • Bring the bins full of random stuff from the admin tent to the storage container.
  • 6U and 8U
    • Bring your 2 field signs to the storage container.
    • The 6U and 8U goals go on the back shelf.