Victory Park

On game days, you’ll find the field hosts here to answer questions.

If you see groups playing softball during official AYSO practice times, please call Pasadena Park Safety at (626) 744-4241.

Fields for practices

Fields for games

How to set up Victory park

See this explainer

How to Build the 12U Goals

Fields 1, 2, 5 are 10U fields. They each get 2 goals, 6 yards x 6 feet. These should be fairly straightforward to assemble. Be sure to stake them into the ground so they don’t fall over.

Field 4 is 12U. It gets 2 goals, 7 yards x 7 feet

Fields 3 and 6 are 8U. They each get two of the medium-sized Bownets, 4′ x 6′. So, 8 Bownets altogether.

Fields 7 and 8 are for 6U. They each get two of the the small Bownets, 3′ x 5′. Also 8 Bownets altogether.