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Sports let parents give kids space to try something new. Remember, it’s just a game, and we play it for fun!

What youth coaches can learn from Gregg Berhalter (head coach of the USMNT)
My teammate shot high with a golden chance to score and our coach screamed at him, “Come on, David! You gotta shoot low!” David turned to the sideline and screamed back, “Don’t you think I know I missed!” The players on the bench tried hard to suppress their laughter and David became our hero for having the guts to yell back at our coach.

The disconnect between spectators and referees
No coach has ever coached, and no player has ever played, a mistake-free game in any sport ever. Why do we expect perfection from officials? 

The ride home is not a teachable moment 
Numerous researchers have asked athletes of all ages and abilities what was their least favorite sports moment, and their answer was nearly unanimous: after the game and the conversation on the ride home.

How to deal with a strongly competitive child
Being strongly competitive means a kid plays hard, takes the game seriously, and hates losing–all good things for an athlete, but many super-competitive kids may also be way too hard on themselves. 

Power struggles in boys with ADHD
If your son has difficulty being flexible, he is going to get into more power struggles with you because his brain can’t figure out when being flexible may help him get what he wants. You can’t teach flexibility when a child with ADHD is escalated. Trying to reason or argue with him is not going to help.

Rejection sensitivity
If there is the slightest possibility that a person might try something new and fail or fall short in front of anyone else, it becomes too painful or too risky to make the effort.