Kids Zone Parent Pledge

All parents and guardians are asked to read, initial each item, sign at the end, and return to the coach or the
appropriate AYSO volunteer. Team managers, there is a printable version and app to upload pictures of signed forms.

1. I pledge to be on time or early when bringing my child to his/her practices and games. I understand that it
may be uncomfortable for my child to be late to a game or practice and that he/she is subject to physical
risk if not provided with adequate time to warm up. I understand that I am encouraged to stay during
practices and games, but if I do not, I will be there when he/she is finished. Being punctual shows respect
for the coach, who has other time commitments, and it tells my child that he/she is my top priority. ______

2. I understand that the top three reasons kids play sports are to have fun, make new friends and learn new
skills. I understand that the game is for the kids, and I will encourage my child to have fun and keep sport in
its proper perspective. I understand that athletes do their best when they are emotionally healthy, so I will
be positive and supportive. ______ ______

3. I will redefine what it is to be a “Winner” in my conversations with my child. Winners are people who
make the maximum effort, continue to learn and improve, and do not let mistakes, or fear of making
mistakes, discourage them. I understand that mistakes are an inevitable part of any game and that people
learn from their mistakes. I understand that all children are born with different abilities and that the true
measure of success is not how my child compares to others, but how he/she is doing in comparison to
his/her best self. _____ _____

4. I will “Honor the Game.” I understand the importance of setting a good example of sportsmanship for my
child. I will show respect for all involved in the game including coaches, players, opponents, opposing fans,
and referees. I understand that officials, coaches, and players make mistakes. If the referee makes a call I
do not agree with, I will refrain from questioning, insulting or making personal attacks against him or her.
_____ ______

5. I understand that games can be exciting for my child as he/she deals with the fast-paced action of the
game, responds to opponents, referees, teammates, and listens to coaches. I will not yell out instructions.
During the game, I will make only sportsmanlike comments that encourage my child and other players on
both teams. ______ ______

6. I will not make negative comments about the game, coaches, referees or teammates in my child’s
presence. This sets a bad example, which can negatively influence my child’s motivation and overall
experience. I agree to act in a sportsmanlike manner and make every effort to foster a friendly and
nonviolent atmosphere. ______ ______

I agree to honor the AYSO Parent Pledge in my words and actions.

____________________________ ____________________________

Parent signatures


Player’s name

AYSO recognizes the efforts and advancements made by the Positive Coaching Alliance in Honor of the
Game. The Kids Zone Parent Pledge is adapted from Positive Coaching Alliance’s Parent Pledge.