• Do you work with two or more teams?
    If you are a head coach, assistant coach, or team referee for two or more teams, please let me know and I’ll do my best to ensure that you have a decent interval between games.  I’ll need to know the division and head coach’s name for each of the teams you’re involved with.  (Please note that if you are a head coach for all your teams, I will have that information directly from the division coaches.)  I would appreciate hearing from you by August 16.

    Also please note that I do not do the practice field assignments.

    – Bill Owen, region 13 scheduler
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  • 3rd Annual Coach and Referee Kick Off dinner (8/27, 6 pm)


    We are pleased to announce our 3rd annual Referee and Coach Kick Off dinner.
    Wednesday, August 27th, at the La Salle High School dining hall.

    All coaches and referees are invited to attend…
    Our fall 2014 season is right around the corner and this is a great way to kick it off…

    As usual, we will have referee refresher sessions – details on the sessions still being worked out, but, something like:

    • U6/U7/U8
    • U10/U12
    • U14  / Preparing for your badge upgrade/Assessment
    • PRO Refs
    NOT AS USUAL and new this year, we are putting together coach clinics… They aren’t classes for credit, but, rather some clinics/meetings intended to help our coaches in our upcoming season.  We are still working out the details…

    Coaches are also welcome to attend the referee refresher sessions…

    Referee and coach sessions begin at 6, with dinner beginning at 7 and coach / referee program at 7:30…

    You can direct questions to me, Al Prado (, Heidi Taylor, our Regional Coach Administrator ( or Kareem Badaruddin, our Regional Referee Administrator (

    Thank you for all you do…

    Because of your time and effort, as well as other volunteers of course, some 2700 kids will be playing AYSO soccer this fall.


    Al Prado
    Regional Commissioner
    AYSO Region 13 – Pasadena, Altadena, La Canada 

    AYSO’s Vision is to provide world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives.

    Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, Player Development
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  • Referee Training in Region 13

    Volunteering as a Referee is a great way to contribute to our community, get some exercise, and have fun!


    There are 4 requirements to volunteer as a Referee:

    1. Current AYSO Volunteer Registration
    2. “AYSO’s Safe Haven” certification
    3. “AYSO’s Concussion Awareness” certification
    4. Referee certification
      • “U8 Official” certification is required to officiate U6, U7, or U8
      • Regional (Basic)” certification is required to referee U10 or U12, or to assistant referee at any level


    IMPORTANT: Take care of the first 3 requirements BEFORE you attend a Referee class so that you can receive your uniform and equipment at the conclusion of the class.


    To Register as a Volunteer

    1. Log in to your account at
    2. Apply as a Volunteer
      • Apply as a “new” volunteer if you have not volunteered before
      • Apply as a “returning” volunteer if you volunteered in a previous season
    3. Complete the volunteer application, then send an email to Pam Morgan <> and ask her to accept your volunteer application.
    4. Pam will reply when she has processed your volunteer application


    To Complete AYSO’s Safe Haven training

    If you have not previously been certified as a Referee, you must complete AYSO’s Safe Haven training. Referees may complete the training online (Coaches must complete it in the classroom).

    1. Go to
    2. Enter your AYSO ID number and last name.
    3. Under “SAFE HAVEN”, click on “START NOW”
    4. Under “SAFE HAVEN”, click on “Course MT02 – AYSO’s Safe Haven”


    To Complete AYSO’s Concussion Awareness training

    All Coaches and Referees must complete Concussion Awareness training. It can be completed online. Here’s how:

    1. Go to
    2. Enter your AYSO ID number and last name.
    3. Under “SAFE HAVEN”, click on “START NOW”
    4. Under “SAFE HAVEN”, click on “AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness”


    To Complete Referee Certification training

    If you need Referee certification, you must attend a class. Here are the upcoming class dates in Region 13 (these classes will be held at the Region 13 Clubhouse (711 West Woodbury Rd, Unit E, Altadena 91001) — the same place you registered your child.

    • Saturday, 8/16 (best option — least crowded)
    • Saturday, 8/23 (good option)
    • Saturday, 8/30 (not so good — Labor Day weekend and quite crowded)
    • Sunday, 9/7 (not so good — crowded and this class occurs after the start of the season)

    Here are the times of the classes (please arrive 20 minutes early). Drinks and food are provided.

    • U8 Official — for U6/U7/U8 Referees
      • 8am-12pm
    • Basic (Regional) — for U10/U12 Referees and U14 Assistant Referees
      • 8am-5pm
    • U8-to-Basic Upgrade — for U8 Officials upgrading to Basic (Regional)
      • 11am-5pm

    Please pre-register for your class:

    1. Log in to your account at
    2. Pull down under “MyeAYSO” and select “Course Signup”
    3. Select the course of interest:
      • “U8 Official” (for volunteers with no referee certification who want to referee U8 or below)
      • “U8-to-Basic-Referee-Upgrade” (for referees who have U8 certification and need to upgrade to referee older divisions)
      • “Basic Referee Course” (for volunteers with no referee certification who want to referee U10 and above)
    4. Select “CA” for “State” and type “Altadena” for “City”, then click “Search”. Be aware that if there are too many course offerings to fit on 1 page, the soonest dates will be listed on the 2nd page.
    5. Click the button next to the class you want and click “Course Signup” to register for the class. When you register for the class, your name and AYSO information is put on the roster electronically, and this helps ensure that you will receive proper credit for taking the course.

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Erik Forrester, your Region 13 Director of Referee Instruction at


    Kareem Badaruddin, your Region 13 Regional Referee Administrator, at

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Welcome to the Region 13 Referee webpage! We have one of the largest and best-supported referee programs in the nation consisting of over 500 highly motivated and dedicated volunteers. Each year, many men, women and youths join the referee ranks in Region 13 and begin to share in one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences they will have in AYSO. With over 200 teams making up the 8 age divisions in Region 13, volunteers at all levels including coaches, assistant coaches, team managers and referees are needed in order for our program to succeed. Volunteers, such as yourself, are the cornerstone of the AYSO program and are the keys in promoting a FUN, FAIR and SAFE soccer experience for our children. All of us on the Referee staff look forward to an exciting season and would be happy for you to join us on the field and volunteer as a referee this year.

To Referee, you must Register as a volunteer, complete referee training for the age divisions your child will play, complete Safe Haven training, and complete concussion awareness training. 

Even if you have registered in the past, registration is required every year to ensure you are covered under AYSO’s insurance.

When you volunteer as a Coach, Referee, or Team Manager, you must register or re-register as a volunteer every year regardless of how long you have been a volunteer.

To complete your Volunteer Registration or Re-Registration,

  1. Log into the eayso website at
  2. Under “Adults wanting to volunteer”,
  3. Select one the following that is appropriate for you…

* Apply as a New Adult Volunteer

* Apply as a Continuing Adult Volunteer

* Apply as a New Youth Volunteer

* Apply as a Continuing Youth Volunteer

4.   We are using eSignature: with eSignature, your name is printed on the signature line of your form and a “wet” signature is not required.

5.   Print 1 copy of each volunteer form and mail with a photo copy of your driver’s license    to:   ATTN: CVPA, AYSO Region 13,

  711 West Woodbury Rd, Unit E,

  Altadena, CA 91001

Referee training and Safe Haven training are provided at our Clubhouse.  Please see our referee training information on this page.

Referees must complete AYSO Concussion Awareness Training.  To completed this training…

Go to

  1. Enter your AYSO ID and last name.
  2. Under the “AYSO’S SAFE HAVEN”, Click on “START NOW”
  3. Under “Safe Haven”, click on “CDC Concussion Awareness Training”

After you complete the course, double check that the certification is reflected on your eAYSO record. To do so, log in to your account at and click on “View certification”.


AYSO offers unrivaled comprehensive training for referees. Because the training is focused on the kids, referee training is more than learning the rules of soccer – it’s a multi-dimensional experience. The U8 Official and Basic Referee courses, which are required elements for all those individuals new to refereeing, emphasize the fundamental elements of the Laws of the Game, namely getting the match started, stopping and restarting play.

For those interested in joining the referee ranks, the required training consists of either a basic, half-day course for those wishing to referee in the U6/U8 division, or a full-day course that is designed for individuals refereeing in the U10 division or higher. Both of these course offerings are held at many convenient opportunities during the year. No advance preparation is required and all course materials will be provided on the day of the class. Refreshments will be provided, along with lunch at the all-day classes.

Completion of the U8 Official course certifies that you may officiate any match at the U6/U8 level. Completion of the Basic Referee course certifies that you may referee at any AYSO soccer match; however, nearly all of our new volunteers begin refereeing games at either the U6/U8 or U10 level. Every volunteer who acts as a center or assistant referee takes the same course, providing Region 13 with one of the best trained referee corps anywhere! Specialized instruction for assistant referees is included in the full-day course. In addition to our on-the-field mentoring program for new referees, we hold workshops and clinics during the regular season for those who wish to hone their skills and referee at a higher level later on.

The Referee Instruction Staff has prepared a training schedule of update classes for returning referees. All returning referees who will be serving at the U10 or higher level need to take one of the Laws Update workshops that are offered. There is a refresher course for returning U6/U8 refs, as well as a “U10 Transition” course designed for those U6/U8 referees who are moving on up and will now be officiating matches at the U10 level for the first time. See the Upcoming Referee Events page for further information.

For those experienced referees seeking to upgrade their badge to either the Intermediate or Advanced level, we encourage you to take one of the Intermediate or Advanced Referee courses that are typically offered within Area 1C. Periodically check  for details of these course offerings or ask anyone on the Referee Staff for information about attending one of these classes.

We also hold our annual Referee and Coach Kick Off dinner which offers workshops focusing on special topics of interest to all referees (and coaches). This year’s dinner will be on Wendesday, August 28th.  You may sign up by visiting our calendar and clicking on the dinner event.

Training Dates

A complete list of referee training dates is available via the Referee Event Calendar. This fall season, we are offering U8, Regional and U8 to Regional Upgrade courses on Saturdays (8/17, 24 and 31).  You can register on-line ( for any of the courses that we offer. Pre-registration affords us the ability to properly plan for class size, materials, refreshments and the ability to readily notify class participants of any updates to previously posted course information.

We coordinate our training program with other local AYSO regions. If our training dates are not convenient for you, many of the other regions in the surrounding Pasadena area offer similar courses that may better fit your schedule. We anticipate that there will be a number of classes from mid-July to mid-September that will be available to you as alternative choices. Check the Area 1C website for class dates, locations and registration information.


In AYSO there is no out-of-pocket cost in becoming a referee. We only ask that you invest your time to help promote a FUN, FAIR and SAFE environment for our kids. Once you have completed the U8 Official or the Basic Referee class, you will be provided a complete uniform and accessory kit needed in order to get you off to the right start in your first match.

Once again, thank you to all who volunteer to be a referee. We appreciate your commitment to our kids and the AYSO program and we will do whatever we can to make this experience as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible. See you on the field!

Referees are encouraged to check the web site frequently for updates, announcements and other information.

Youth Referees (PRO Program)

In AYSO, we have the Player Referee Organization (PRO) program, in which we encourage players (or volunteers U19 age or younger) to be referees. We have a PRO referee coordinator, and want our PRO referees to contact the coordinator so that we can be aware of them and support them. If you are a PRO referee, send an email to to let us know.

A youth volunteer may become certified as a referee at age 10 (or older). A youth referee must be at least 2 age divisions higher than the players officiated (unless the youth referee has Intermediate (or higher) referee certification — in which case the Regional Referee Administrator or Regional Commissioner will consider an exception). 

Care must be taken to ensure that a youth referee is not asked to officiate a level of game at which he/she is not comfortable.

For more information about the PRO Program pull down under “PROGRAMS” and select “PRO”

Laws of the Game

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Links to Other Soccer Sites for Referees

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