Referee Staff

Everyone at AYSO Region 13 is a volunteer. Everyone on our Board of Directors, every coach, every referee, and every team manager. Many volunteers raise their hands for extra duty. These folks below manage the 500+ referees that make Region 13 soccer happen every fall.

Regional Referee Administration

Regional Referee Administrator Matthew Goldman
Director of Referee Instruction Mark Windsor
Uniforms Manny Morales
Director of Referee Assessment Bruce Hancock
PRO Referee Administrators (Youth Referee Program)

James Shopbell
Tournament Referee Director Brian Bonham
Advisor on the Laws of the Game Steve Hawkins  
Director of Referee Mentoring Patrick Shopbell

Divisional Referee Administrators


6U-8U Referee Administrator Kai Ryssdal
10U Referee Administrator Harry Plotkin
12U Referee Administrator Sonya Wierman
12U Assistant Referee Administrator David Bell
14U Referee Administrator Andrew Lansford
Upper Division (UD) Referee Administrator Andrew Lansford