Why I Referee

Many parents first start volunteers as referees because they feel an obligation. For a lot of us, that obligation turns into a hobby and even a passion.

We’ve collected some comments from folks around the region about why they referee. If you want to add your own, just complete this form.

Sung Kim

I am so proud of my two kids, who are confident, healthy, and kind to others. Playing soccer at AYSO helped them to become who they are. I am so grateful for the AYSO community who have jointly taken care of my two kids throughout the years. I want to pay back by refereeing what has been given to us so generously and plentifully.

Andrew Lansford

On a clear fall day in Region 13 there is no better place to be than on the soccer pitch. Before the game the players chatter with excitement in the world’s best soccer stadium, a simple grass field with the mountains looming large in front of clear blue skies. During play they give it their absolute all and I get to be in the middle of the highest energy effort they’ve shown all week. Whether it’s a great pass, a phenomenal strike, or a skillful tackle, I get to be one of the first to congratulate them. Like many others, I was initially voluntold to referee, but I found that I really do enjoy the experience and look forward to refereeing games.

DeWayne McMullin

Why I referee……because there are never enough referees to fill the weekly need for trained volunteers so kids can enjoy soccer. Without volunteers like me, some weekends there would not be a soccer match…..because soccer teaches kids the value of teamwork where every player contribution to the success of the team….because our community is a nicer place to live due to the core philosophies AYSO soccer is based on that are brought to life by the volunteers and players of the sport ….because the benefits to me personally both physically and mentally from being involved in this sport. I am challenged to be physically fit and make mental decisions within seconds of every play as to how to keep the game fun, fair and safe….because of the smiles I enjoy seeing from kids and parents having a good time.

Matthew Goldman

I played soccer growing up and I wanted to be involved when my daughter joined Region 13. I didn’t have the ability to coach on weeknights, so I volunteered to referee on Saturdays.

I love being on the pitch with the kids. They say the most amusing things and, for the most part, are a joy to be out there with. I have a unique view of the game that parents don’t get as spectators. As I go through my referee journey I feel like I am growing up with these kids—seeing the same kids year-after-year in different divisions and age groups. It’s a blast. Plus, it’s a great way to stay in shape!