Practice and Game Schedules are posted and New Picture day (9/20)

Hi -We have posted our practice and game schedules!!Please visit our website and click on the Practice Schedule and Game Schedule Hot Buttons.If your team has a Monday practice, please check with your coach about Monday, Labor Day.Not all coaches … Continue reading

Referee Classes this weekend, and a few other items

Hi,As our season is rapidly approaching... and I do mean rapidly... a few items to cover/disseminateWe have referee classes this coming weekend - so far our class counts have been low... which means we may be low on refs... this … Continue reading

Region 13 U5 Program

 Region 13 U-5 DivisionThe U-5 division is separate from U-6 as there are significant social, emotional and physiological differences between U-5 and U-6 players.Normally, AYSO's membership year begins on August 1 each year and extends to the following July 31.  … Continue reading

Referee Training in Region 13

Volunteering as a Referee is a great way to contribute to our community, get some exercise, and have fun! There are 4 requirements to volunteer as a Referee:Current AYSO Volunteer Registration"AYSO's Safe Haven" certification"AYSO's Concussion Awareness" certificationReferee certification"U8 Official" certification is … Continue reading

Team Manager Meetings

HI -Team Managers, thank you for stepping up and helping out your coach, your child(ren) and AYSO Region 13.Our Team Manager meetings have been set up!We will be having 4 of them (only need to attend one)All will be at … Continue reading

Fall Season Registration – If you have missed our walk-in dates

If you have missed our walk-in registrations, no need to worry, there is still time…Not a lot of time, as we are starting to form teams, but, we do have several spots and teams open.And, now is the time that … Continue reading

2014 -2015 Region 13 Board of Directors

During the Region 13 Annual Board of Directors meeting on February 6th, 2014, the 2014-2015 Board of Directors were voted into office. Effective March 1, 2014, the 2014-2015 Region 13 Board of Directors will be... Regional Commissioner                                  Al PradoAssistant Commissioner                               Marco … Continue reading

Sideline Etiquette

AYSO strives to create a healthy environment for our children and our community. One of the ways we do this is by maintaining a high standard of conduct at our games: Negative comments and complaints about officiating are prohibited. In … Continue reading

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