Region 13 Referee Mentor Program

Learning to referee is an ongoing process. While you can take Referee Training to learn basic skills, the best way to learn is to get out on the pitch and hear valuable feedback while you are at it.

Experienced referees in Region 13 act as mentors. You can request a mentor during referee Game Scheduling.

Referee Qualifications

We encourage all experienced referees to give back to AYSO as Referee Mentors. Even someone who only started their referee journey in the previous season may have useful and helpful input for a brand new referee. So if you are interested in passing your referee knowledge onto others, consider spending an hour or two on a Saturday mentoring a new referee. As we all know, the referee training classes are great, but it’s on the pitch where you really learn the craft of soccer refereeing. Having a mentor in that process can make a huge difference.

How to identify mentors

Referee mentors will be wearing red polo shirts with Region 13 Referee Mentor logos.