EXTRA 2020

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About the AYSO EXTRA program

EXTRA is a soccer league for for those who want to play at a more competitive level, while adhering to AYSO’s emphasis on player development over winning, good sportsmanship, and positive coaching. Everyone plays in every game; nobody will be benched. Some advanced players will stay in the EXTRA program for years. Others will do it for a few years, and decide to return to play in the regular fall season, sharing their skills with the broader Region 13 population. 

When are the EXTRA games?

EXTRA season starts August 1 and concludes in February in the next calendar year. EXTRA players do not play on regular fall season teams.

What does it cost?

Costs include 2 sets of uniforms, Warm-Up Jacket, EXTRA Soccer Bag, Tournament Fees, Training Fees, Equipment Fees, Referee Costs and Field Costs. Right now, the EXTRA cost for Region 13 is approximately $600 on top of the regular fall season registration fee (about $800 altogether).

How far do we travel?

The EXTRA teams will compete against other AYSO regions with EXTRA teams as close as Arcadia and South Pasadena, as far south as Palos Verdes, down the coast to San Pedro, and west of Pasadena to Beverly Hills.  Half of the EXTRA games (Home) will be in Region 13 while the away games will be hosted in competing regions.

How many tournaments will we play in, and how much will that cost?

We are anticipating that each EXTRA Team will enter in 2-4 Tournaments throughout the season. Tournament months will most likely be August, November, and the following Spring. The tournament costs could range $450-$550 per team. These costs will be divided among all the EXTRA families, with two of the tournaments’ fees already factored into the EXTRA fees collected at the beginning of the season.

Who is eligible for EXTRA?

Players and families who are dedicated to the AYSO philosophies and desire a more competitive soccer experience are eligible. However, players will be required to attend additional weekly practices and tournament and families must volunteer. Because of the commitment of the player and family to the EXTRA program, we ask that player make EXTRA their top priority. Since Club Soccer programs have similar commitments, we understand that players and families cannot commit to both.

How many EXTRA teams are there?

We will only build teams if we have the available talent and volunteers for that team. We will have tryouts for players in Boys and Girls Divisions 10U through 14U. Based on the results of the tryouts, we will try to form teams that are competitive and have a solid core of volunteers.

There is no 9U team. Grad Series players should play in the fall season for a year, and try out for EXTRA the following year.

How much do we have to volunteer to be on an AYSO EXTRATM  team?

Each EXTRA family is required to give a minimum of 8 hours of volunteer service to the Region’s core program. The EXTRA service hour can be fulfilled for the core team as a team coach, assistant coach or team manager. EXTRA families can also volunteer for the Region 13 and Area 1C as referees, or in helping in our Region 13 Tournaments or at our registration.

EXTRA families often staff the Region 13 tent on Saturdays

What are the responsibilities of an EXTRA parent?

Parents of the EXTRA player can expect a spirited time on the pitch. They are expected to cheer and support the teams. Each parent will be required to sign Parent Agreement before tryouts. During tryouts, parents are not to engage coaches or tryout personnel in any way.

How are players selected?

EXTRA candidates will be evaluated by an independent, impartial group of coaches during tryouts. Players will be evaluated based on their technical skills, technical and tactical knowledge, and speed. Our independent evaluators will make recommendation for the EXTRA Teams. The teams will be selected by a group of impartial Coaches, Division Coordinators and AYSO Board Members. The family’s volunteer history will also have an influence on the building of the EXTRA teams. Based on AYSO EXTRA guidelines, EXTRA coaches will not have any influence in who is selected for the EXTRA teams. In fact, the EXTRA coaches are not selected until after the team is formed.

How do tryouts work?

We will hold two tryouts for Region 13 EXTRA. To be considered for an EXTRA Team, players must attend one of the tryouts. Potential EXTRA applicants must pre-register online for tryouts. EXTRA tryouts will be similar to the All Star tryouts. On the day of tryouts, EXTRA candidates will be put through a series of stations designed to evaluate their technical skills, tactical knowledge, and speed.

When are tryouts?

Tryouts are held in the Spring. In 2020, they are March 8 and March 22.

How many players are on each team?

   9U: there is no 9U

   10U: 9-10 players

   11U and 12U: 12 Players

   13U and 14U: 14-15 Players

Who are the EXTRA coaches?

EXTRA coaches/assistant coaches will be required to have more advanced training than is required to coach in their division. In general, the EXTRA coaches/assistant coaches will be very experienced with advanced knowledge both tactically and technically of the game of soccer. Please note that any coach/assistant coach must have the coaching certifications of the division they are coaching. Please see the certifications below for Coaches and Assistant Coaches:

   10U Coach – 12U Coach Certification

   11U and 12U Coach – Intermediate Coach Certification

   13U and 14U Coach –    Advanced Coach Certification 

How can I become an EXTRA coach

Past coaches will be emailed in the winter to submit an application form, approximately 3 weeks before tryouts.

Coaches will be selected based on their experience, adherence to AYSO’s six philosophies, game knowledge, and volunteer commitment to Region 13. Per EXTRA guidelines, coaches will not participate in tryouts and an announcement of coaches will not be made until after tryouts.   

Who are the EXTRA referees?

EXTRA Referees will also be required to have more advanced training than is required to officiate in their divisions. In general, the EXTRA Referees will be very experienced with advanced knowledge both tactically and technically of the game of soccer. In addition to covering Referee duties for the EXTRA Teams (tournaments only), EXTRA Referee will be required to help officiate games in Region 13 and Area 1C during the Fall Season, AllStars and Spring Season. Please see the certification requirements below for Referees.

     10U Referee – Regional Badge

11U and 12U Coach – Intermediate Badge (or Working towards Intermediate Certification)

13U and 14U Coach – Advanced Badge (or Working towards Advanced Certification) 

How can I become an EXTRA referee?

Referee applications will be accepted approximately 3 weeks before tryouts. Referees will be selected based on their experience, adherence to AYSO’s 6 Philosophies, game knowledge and volunteer commitment to Region 13 and Area 1C

Who do I talk to?

For further information, contact Region 13’s Extra Coordinator at


AYSO Philosophies

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