Muir High School

Directions to Muir North

Directions to Muir Central & South

There are 3 field areas: Muir North, Muir Central (the big turf field), and Muir South (the hidden softball field)

Beware the west end of Montana street! The No Parking signs by the school bus lot are subtle. Pasadena knows the sports schedule and loves to ticket there, even late on Sundays.

If you experience any issues with lights not working, please report the problem ASAP so we can repair the lights. We can’t fix it if we don’t know anything’s wrong!


The lights

There are mobile, gas-powered lights stationed along he outskirts of the field (8 in total). Region 13 pays for the gas and servicing of these units, so we rely on your help in managing them. If anything is not working properly, please make note of it and call/text Marco 818-468-3693. Please make sure all lights are turned off when you leave the field, unless someone is staying after you, and they take responsibility.

Turning on the Lights:  

  • Open hood (lock code hasn’t changed since 2013) and locate key in ignition. 
  • Note main generator switch, plus four light switches to the right – they should be in ‘OFF’ position. 
  • Engine works like a car – start the engine with lights and generator switches in ‘OFF’ position.  
  • After starting engine, wait a minute or so for engine to warm up.  
  • Flip generator switch up, wait a few seconds, then flip light switches up.  
  • Lights will glow dimly, then grow increasingly bright in a few minutes. 
  • If you start a Portable Light, you should turn it off when you are done.
  • If you leave it running for another coach, please be sure they accept responsibility to turn off.

Turning off the Lights:

  • Follow the starting procedure in reverse:  
  • Turn light switches off, then generator switch, then turn the ignition key all the way to “OFF” position.  
  • Don’t leave key in middle position because this can run down battery.
  • If you hold a practice that ends at 9:00, please make sure that all Portable Lights are shut down when you leave the field.  
  • If another AYSO coach is using one of the lights, you can leave that one on.  
  • Turn off all others.
  • It is important to be mindful to turn off any units that others have forgotten, particularly if you are the last AYSO coach to leave the field.

A Note about Interlopers: 

Sometimes you’ll find non-AYSO groups (usually not kids) free‑riding on our lights. If it’s past 9:00pm at night, turn lights off and explain that AYSO needs these lights turned off after 9pm. If you aren’t comfortable delivering that message, please call Marco.

Thanks for your help, and let us know if you have any questions.