What if. . . Rain?! (updated 11-28-22 3 pm)

We are aware there is rain in the forecast for this weekend 12/3-12/4. We will keep a close eye on it, plan accordingly, and post any information as soon as we know it. If Saturday is rained out, some games might get pushed to Sunday and many might be pushed to the following 12/10-12/11 weekend. If this entire weekend is rained out, we push what we can to the following weekend(s).

Either way, we may have to re-work brackets, if needed to fit into a later and/or shorter schedule. Due to myriad scheduling and field constraints, our options become more limited if we have to re-schedule. It’s possible A Flights become smaller and sometimes become limited to the top 4 or 8, instead of 12 or 16. We won’t know the exact schedule until we know the scope of the potential rain.

We will keep you posted. Thanks for your understanding as we juggle the various factors.

Playoff Schedule (as of 11-28-22 3 pm)

Please click below for the playoff schedule for Sat. 12/3.

Playoffs 12/3 – Bracket Format / Flight Layout

Playoffs 12/3 – Matrix Format /. Field Layout (please read instructions at bottom of matrix)

Some important items to note during playoffs:

  • Ref assignments are still active during playoffs. Ref teams (2 for 10U/12U and 1 for 14U) ref the game before theirs, except those playing in the first game of day, in which case those ref teams ref the last game of the day on the same field. If a team advances to a 2nd game in the same day, that team’s ref team has two ref assignments that day.
  • As always, all players must play a minimum of three quarters (except in those instances when roster size does not allow it). Violation of this policy will result in a forfeit.
  • In playoffs, there is no limit on how long a player can play GK, so long as the minimum play requirement is met for all players.
  • Home team is listed on top; home team uses the North or West touchline.
  • All games are full-length. All games need a winner. If a game ends in a tie, proceed directly to Kicks From the Penalty Mark to determine a winner. Only the final games have overtime periods.
  • Any game labelled “Rndof16” means that the winner of that game has a 2nd game later in the day.

Schedule for 12/10-12/11 (semi-finals and finals) will be posted Monday morning 12/5.

Region 13 Fall Playoffs (10U-14U)

Based on the final standings in the pools, teams are re-grouped into “flights” for the playoff tournament, held during the two weekends after Thanksgiving weekend (not Thanksgiving weekend – that’s reserved for the Thanksgiving Tournament). The top teams from each pool form Flight “A”, the winners of which advance to the Area 1-C League Playoffs against other Regions in the San Gabriel Valley (see below). The other teams form Flight “B” and sometimes Flight “C” to compete for glory, a trophy, and a juice box. 

Typically, all 10U-14U teams play 1-2 games on the first Saturday in December (Sunday rain date), with winners advancing to semi-final and final games the following Saturday and  Sunday. That said, playoffs are often affected by weather, field availability, and other factors, so there could be changes to the schedule, and teams could end up having games during either or both weekends, including sometimes as many as 2-4 games in one weekend. 


In all brackets, Finalists receive trophies (1st) or medals (2nd) at the completion of the playoff tournament.

Area 1-C League Playoffs

As mentioned above, the season’s division winners and the playoff Flight A winners represent Region 13 in the Area 1-C League Playoffs. In 2022, this weekend tournament will be Dec. 16-18 and could involve as many as 4 games in one weekend, if a team keeps winning. Winners advance to the Section 1 Playoffs, usually held in early March in Redlands.