Youth Volunteers

What if a family has more than one volunteer?

Each volunteer, including youth referees, needs a separate account in the registration system, with a different email address for each person. Then, you will be able to register for classes with

In the registration system, you can add a “secondary email address” so that you all receive notices.

How do you get into

First, sign in to

Then, wait 30 seconds.

Finally, go to and the system should sign you in automatically.

To Submit a National Volunteer Application for a Youth Volunteer

Instructions Starting from the Blue Sombrero Home Page:

Every volunteer (coach, referee, board member, team parent, etc.) submits one National Volunteer Application each year (annually). These applications are delivered to AYSO’s national headquarters for an annual background check, which screens for volunteers’ suitability to work with children for AYSO.

  • Before starting, be sure to have the following things ready:

    1. The last 4 digits of your child’s social security number.
    2. A photo ID of (any kind) for the child.
    3. Name, telephone number, and address for two references – for example, a former coach, referee, or other sports official, a teacher, club or religious leader, or anyone else who personally knows the child.
  • Go to the Blue Sombrero home page:
  • Login to your account.
  • Return to the home page,
  • Look for the words “VOLUNTEER APPLICATIONS” near the HOME and AYSOU tabs. When you move your mouse over the top of any tab, its color turns from gray to red. Click on the volunteer applications tab.
  • Click on the Select button next to Youth Referee, then scroll all the way down and click on the tiny Continue button.
  • Click on the large [+] box with the words “Sign Up A Family Member” lettered underneath. Then click Continue.

That gets you to the volunteer application. Here are some tips for completing the form

  • Only answer the required questions.
  • Indicate whether the youth volunteer is new or returning for another year as a volunteer.
  • Photo ID Type: If you do not have any of the listed choices (for example, if you only have school-issued photo ID card), select “State ID” for the photo ID type.
  • Photo ID Number: If the Photo ID does not provide a unique identification number for the youth volunteer, enter “0000.”
  • Photo ID Expiration Date: If the Photo ID does not have an expiration date, enter “December 31, 2017”.
  • Reference #1 Organization: For youth volunteers who are also registered players in AYSO, you can list “AYSO” as the Organization. Under “position/role,” you can enter “Player” or “Participant.” The “Reference #1” and “Reference #2” should be a coach or other official AYSO volunteer or administrator. If the parent is a volunteer, then the parent can list their own name as one of the youth volunteer’s two required references. The Address of AYSO is 711 W. Woodbury Rd., Unit E, Altadena, CA 91001.
  • Accept Waiver: This is a radio button set to “No.” Click on it to make the answer turn to “Yes.
  • Finally, to submit the form, click the green button labeled “Create Additional Account User & Continue.”
  • Volunteer E-signature: After submitting the form (in the previous step above), you will be asked to provide the Volunteer E-signature for the volunteer. Click the button labeled “Click Here to eSign Form.”

  • Since you are completing the form on behalf of a youth volunteer, you will select the representation as the child’s legal guardian. Type your name to sign
  • Also remember to click the box that says you agree to electronic signature
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the button labeled “Continue to review.”
  • On the next page, scroll to the bottom again and click “Submit signed volunteer application”
  • On the next page, look for the button to click “Continue.”
  • Background Check: Click “Continue.”
  • Finally, you’ll see a confirmation of your submission that looks like this:
  • Done!

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