Wait List? Please Join It!

If you see a wait list, please add yourself!

Click here for instructions to register and add yourself to the wait list.

There’s no charge to join a wait list. When we release you from the wait list, we will invite you to pay your registration fees at that time.

A wait list does NOT always mean the program is full.  In fact, for most age divisions from 14U and younger, we continue to have plenty of space.  We look forward to admitting many more players and volunteers to play soccer this Fall!

You may ask:  Why do we use wait lists?

Starting in the month of August, we manage admission of players using wait lists so that we can admit groups of players in an orderly way, rather than person by person.

This helps ensure that when you come off the wait list, we will be able to secure a spot on a team for you.  It also ensures that all teams and all divisions will be balanced with the right ratio of kids to volunteers.   This is one of the ways that we create the best possible experience for all players.

Finally, wait lists also help us connect with people who choose to become AYSO volunteers.  Coaches and Referees get priority in coming off the wait list, because these roles are the ones with the biggest impact in helping kids play.

Did you know that as of August 15, we have over 750 people in the process of applying to volunteer? 

We always have room for more volunteers. The more we have, the more kids can play — and the better able we are to enrich children’s lives.

Have you or your spouse made the choice to volunteer yet?  Here is a link for more information about how to submit an application to support AYSO by becoming a volunteer:   Be a Volunteer!

Thank you!

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