Volunteerism logoThere are two levels of volunteerism that are required to effectively operate Region 13. They can be categorized roughly as either “Regional Volunteers” or “Team Volunteers”.

Regional Volunteers include referees, coaches, assistant coaches, assistant referees, board members, fundraising coordinators, administrative and program staff, etc. In other words, they are positions that transcend individual teams in scope of activity.

Team Volunteers include team managers, banner makers, refreshment coordinators, etc. – that is, all positions that are listed on the Team Volunteer Form which each coach is required to complete and submit to the Region, plus any other team jobs particular coaches may desire to add to that list.

Some positions, such as coaches, referees, assistant coaches and assistant referees may seem to overlap, inasmuch as each team is required to have coaches and referees. However, as a matter of policy, Region 13 requests that coaches, assistant coaches, referees and assistant referees do not also fill other Team Volunteer positions. It would be unfair not to spread responsibility for Team Volunteer positions among all parents of the players. Everyone can, of course, take their turn at providing oranges, water and snacks.

Sometimes there is confusion about the interplay between volunteerism and making financial contributions to the Region. At registration, we urge those parents who cannot, for whatever reason, participate as a REGIONAL volunteer – i.e., Coach, Assistant Coach, Referee, or regional Board or Staff member – to give more generously to our Circle of Champions program. Our ironclad rule, however, is that donating financially to Region 13 does NOT act to release any parent from volunteering at the TEAM level. When it is absolutely necessary, a financial contribution to the Region can be seen as a substitute for volunteering at the REGIONAL level only. Every parent must contribute to his or her child’s TEAM, regardless of their financial contribution or their REGIONAL volunteerism.

The Circle of Champions is an important part of our fundraising apparatus. Region 13 cannot “force” anyone to contribute financially or to volunteer, and therefore some people will take advantage and contribute neither money nor time. Nevertheless, our goal is to obtain 100% participation at both the REGIONAL volunteer level (by either filling one of the regional jobs or making a substantial contribution to the Circle of Champions) and 100% participation at the TEAM level (through leadership positons like field beautification coordinator or doing jobs like providing oranges or picking up trash).

Team Sponsorships also support the Region’s many programs and keep registration fees low. The payment of sponsorship fees can be seen as substituting for REGIONAL volunteerism but does not relieve parents from TEAM volunteerism responsibilities.

The unfortunate reality is that Region 13 never has enough volunteers for all of the work that needs to be done. All of the active volunteers therefore do much more than their fair share. Our response to that reality is to try and establish programs and mechanisms to encourage full participation by every parent. Remember, “We Do It For The Kids”.  

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