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Tournament logoSlots in Region 13’s Myles Standish Tournament, held at the Rose Bowl fields over Thanksgiving weekend, are reserved for Region 13’s Sectional, Area, and up to two Regional All-Star coaches in each of the boys’ and girls’ U10, U12, and U14 divisions. One additional Regional team in each of the U10 divisions will play in the Thanksgiving tournament held by South Pasadena. These teams mirror the eventual All-Star teams, in that one team in each division will be composed of the most skilled players meeting the selection criteria (Sectional equivalent). A second team will consist primarily of the most skilled younger players meeting the selection criteria (Area equivalent). Finally, one or more additional teams will be formed from the remaining players who meet the selection criteria (Regional equivalent). Of course, only those players who indicate that they will be available for tournament play over the Thanksgiving weekend (including practices earlier that week) will be eligible for these teams.

Two tryout sessions are held, typically on the first two Sundays in November, and any player may try out. A player must attend at least one tryout to be eligible for selection to a Thanksgiving tournament team. Team formation is a collaborative process with all interested coaches having input.

Selection to a Thanksgiving tournament team does not guarantee that a player will ultimately be chosen for an All-Star team. At the same time, a player who is not chosen for, or who chooses not to participate in, a Thanksgiving tournament team is still eligible to be considered for an All-Star team if he or she meets the selection criteria.

If a player is not selected for a Thanksgiving tournament team, it does not necessarily mean he or she does not have the skills needed. There is a finite number of teams that can be formed within a given division. Further, the coaches regrettably have only a limited amount of time to evaluate many talented players. The coaches do their best and hope that in the event a player is not selected, he or she will nonetheless keep working hard and continue to participate enthusiastically in the other programs offered by Region 13.

Playing in a Thanksgiving tournament requires the payment of an entrance fee of approximately $40-50 per player, a uniform deposit of $50, and a referee deposit of $15-20 per player. These fees must be paid by separate checks, made payable to AYSO Region 13, given to the team coach at the first practice. The uniform deposit will be given back upon return of the jersey at the end of the last Thanksgiving tournament match. The referee deposit will be returned if the team fulfills its referee and volunteer responsibilities.

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