Spring Cup

Current Status

It’s happening! Thanks to the parents who stepped forward to organize the Spring Cup.

Teams have been formed. If you were not drafted to a team, please remember to register in May to play soccer in the fall league.

General Information – Spring Cup

Spring Cup is a competitive program in which teams from all over the San Gabriel Valley compete in four weekends of tournament-style play. Coaches choose the teams from players in their region.

Coaches, apply by Feb 18. If you have a current All-Star team, recruit at least half the players to apply. Most of the teams going to the Spring Cup have been playing together for a while. You may also invite new players to apply, who will be available for a general draft by all the coaches.

Players born from 2003-2013, applications were due by Feb 25. Anybody may play, whether you played in the fall, on an All-Star team, and EXTRA team, or are new to AYSO. Coaches choose players through a draft, so you might not be picked for a team. All-Stars and EXTRA teams may stay together. Individual players will be drafted to join a continuing team or a new team.


Registration usually opens the first week in February, with a deadline usually in mid-February. After the deadline, players may sign up, but are placed on a wait list and invited to join a team as needed.

Teams are formed in late February, and practices begin in early March. For Upper Division, games occur over five weekends from mid-March to late April, with a playoff weekend in early May. For 10U thru 14U, games are held during three weekends in April, with a playoff weekend in early May.


Apply with this form: https://form.jotform.com/220407079112143. Your application does not guarantee placement on a team.

Players will be invited to join teams in late February via an e-mail from the Spring Cup Coordinator. This e-mail will ask parents to confirm the player’s spot on the roster with instructions to register and pay.


For Spring 2022, any player born in 2003 thru 2013 is eligible to register for Spring Cup (10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 19U). This includes players who played in the previous Fall, All-Stars, or EXTRA, as well as new players who are joining AYSO just for the Spring Cup season. Eligibility does not guarantee placement on a team – Spring Cup teams are formed using a selective, competitive process. Teams from All-Stars and Extra are invited to stay together to continue playing in Spring Cup (“Continuing Teams”). Individual players are invited to join as well, but are only drafted to join either Continuing Teams or New Teams as space and volunteer numbers permits.


Once players have signed up individually and indicated whether they are an individual player or part of a Continuing Team, drafts will be held to round out Continuing Team rosters and to create New Team rosters. Separate drafts will be held based on a team’s current level – e.g. Sectional and Older Extra will draft together, Area and Younger Extra will draft together, and then Regionals will draft. All player placement and team formation will go thru this selection process – coaches may not recruit individual players. An impartial coaching committee (the “Spring Cup Committee” or “SCC”) will oversee all matters relating to team formation and will have the final say on all teams formed. The number of teams Region 13 can send may be limited by the Area 1-C Admin, depending on various factors, including but not limited to field availability, bracket size, and referee involvement.


All-Star and EXTRA coaches are invited to apply to continue with their teams, pending approval by the Spring Cup Committee. All other coaches are invited to apply to coach as well and will be considered, depending on the number of teams needed to be formed, and pending approval by the SCC.


For a current All-Star or Extra team to be considered a Continuing Team, the team must retain a minimum of half the players on the current roster. 7 for 14U, 6 for 12U, and 5 for 10U. If a team does not have that minimum or chooses not to be a Continuing Team, players from that team may enter the Spring Cup draft as eligible Individual Players. A Continuing Team may not drop a player from its current roster. A player who does not wish to remain with a Continuing Team may choose to enter the Spring Cup draft as an eligible Individual Player. If a team wishes to continue but the coach does not, the Committee will venture to match the Continuing Team with an appropriate coach.


The fee for Spring Cup 2022 is TBD. In 2019, the Spring Cup fee was $110, payable only once a player is invited to join a team. In addition, players who do not already have an AYSO National Membership (from Fall or Winter program) must purchase one from the InLeague registration system for an additional $30. See “Registration” above for details.


Field practices will be once or twice per week. Details to follow.


As with all our programs, Spring Cup relies on volunteer Coaches and Refs, so we could very much use your help.


Click the Area 1-C website – ayso1c.org – for rules and details about the program. E-mail Region 13’s Spring Cup Coordinator, Samir Singh, at samir.singh.a@gmail.com with any further questions.


The Area Program Coordinator or Area Director may alter pool size, the number of matches and duration of play due to weather and/or field availability.