Schedule changes! including one for this weekend

I have been informed of several omissions and errors, and consequently I have just uploaded a new schedule.  Here are the changes:

Sept 8 (THIS SATURDAY, Week 1)
B10: Bass/Khachikian to 12:15, Campbell/Coombes to 2:45, both still Rose Bowl 1

Sept 15 (Week 2)
G7: Jakubiak/Meli to McDonald Park 2:30
B7: Yang/Okwu to LC LDS 9:00
B10: Coombes/Donahue to Muir South 1:30
G10: Thein/Wright to LC FIS Lower 11:00
G12: Petropoulos/Donahue to McKinley 8:30
B12: Hoffman/Alvarez to McKinley 1:00

Sept 22 (Week 3)
G14: Sahand/Walklett to Muir Central 7:30 (the only time this would work)

Sept 29 (Week 4)
G7: Jakubiak/Yohalem to McDonald Park 8:30; Jepson/Williams to McDonald Park 12:30
B10: Coombes/Chanpong to Muir North1 11:00; Boschett/Dunbar to Muir North1 1:30

Oct 6 (Week 5)
B8: Laguna/Hammack to VP 3 12:30; Vasquez/Bernard-Granger to LC Cornishon 10:30

Oct 20 (Week 7)
B12: Bowler/Alvarez to VP 4 8:30
G12: Schoettler/Martinez to VP 4 2:30

Oct 27 (Week 8)
B8: Thackwell/Laguna to LC Paradise Cyn 11:00
G8: Gonzalez/Munoz to LC Cornishon 2:30

Referee assignments move with the teams.  These have been updated as well.

Thank you for your understanding.

— Bill Owen, region 13 scheduler

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