Online Registration – Fall Soccer 2018

Visit AYSO’s online registration portal (“Blue Sombrero”) by going to this address with your browser:

We will be accepting players through Saturday, August 18, 2018 and will be forming teams after that.  If you see a wait list, please join it!

Here are some tips to register:

  • After creating your account in Blue Sombrero and logging in, return once again to the main landing page (
  • On the main landing page, look for the “My Account” button at the top-right, and follow it to your account page.
  • If your children are already listed on your account, then click on the green “Programs Available” button (by their names, to the right) to begin their enrollment.
  • If your children are NOT already in your account, then look for the red “Register Now” button near the top of the page, and add your children as new Participant(s).
  • Follow the prompts to fill out registration forms for each child. Make sure to follow registration all the way to the end – including electronically signing the form and submitting it.
  • To get through the forms faster, notice that most of the questions are optional. If you’re in a hurry, you can skip those.
  • Unless you’re joining a wait list for enrollment, pay the balance with a credit or debit card.  If you do not have a credit or debit card, then you want to visit us during in-person enrollment.

Register On-Line or In-Person?

This year, you have the choice to register online or in person

  • To register online, simply complete the steps listed above (in Blue Sombrero) and use a credit card to complete your registration.  To pay using a different method, you’ll want to complete your registration in person.
  • To register in personyou can visit Clubhouse during designated Registration HoursFor instructions on how (and when) to visit during Registration Hours at the Clubhouse, please see this post.

Even if you choose to register online, you are still welcome to sign up for in-person Registration Hours.  This will give you the chance to meet the people who make Region 13 work, ask questions about volunteering, and generally learn more about AYSO.

What it costs to play:

Fall Season Fees are currently $225/player.

Do You See a Wait List?

Please add yourself!   There’s no charge to join a wait list. When we are able to admit you onto a team, we will invite you to pay the registration fee at that time.

If you’re curious about why we use wait lists, there’s a helpful explanation here.  So please add yourself so we can count you in!

And don’t forget to join our ranks of over 750 other AYSO parents who have chosen to volunteer as a coach or referee. It’s an amazing experience!  We will train you!  And when you volunteer, you will be helping your child and many others to secure a place on a team, thanks to you.

Refund Policy

Before you pay registration fees, please make note of the region’s refund policy.  A big portion of registration fees are nonrefundable as we approach the start of our Fall season.

Financial Assistance

Financial aid is available for children whose families need help. AYSO is for kids, and we don’t want anyone to be left out because the cost, so scholarships are available. Just send an email to to ask.

Season Calendar (Fall MY2018)

Here’s a peek at the season ahead:

 Through August 20:

– The coaching staff will confirm players and volunteers.

Through Labor Day 9/3:

– Volunteers are trained

– Players get to meet their coaches.

September 4:

– Practices start this week

– Fields and game schedules are worked out.

September 8:  First Games for 6U-14U (Opening Day)

September 15:  First day for 4U and 5U

November 3: Last day for 4U and 5U

November 17: Last game for most divisions.

December 1, 2, 8: Playoffs for 10U, 12U, and 14U divisions.

December 9: 10U, 12U, 14U championship games

January 2019:  Winter Season

Placement on Teams

Anyone who registers and volunteers before July 15 will be guaranteed placement onto a team in the Fall.  After July, new registrants be placed in a queue (wait list, without guarantee of placement onto a team) until additional teams can be formed.  If you are on a wait list, volunteering for your child’s team will substantially increase the chances of getting placement onto a team.

Age Divisions

As in most sports, AYSO forms teams based on players’ ages (birth year) and skill.

For more information on how divisions are established, please see the table on this page:

If you want your child to play in an older or younger division, please include your request and justification in the “Special requests or comments” section of the child’s player application.  Also email about it.  Exceptions are not very common, but they are more likely to be accepted in younger divisions or when players are frail in comparison to peers in their natural age group.  When exceptions are made, AYSO reserves the right to monitor the decision and potentially move children back to their natural age-based divisions at any time.

For advanced soccer programs such as EXTRA, All Stars, and in tournaments, players must be within the specified age range for their division. For any players who intend to participate in these programs, and for whom Region 13 has not yet already verified their ages, you’ll need to present a birth certificate or other identification when that time comes.

Teams and Practices

In August, teams are formed and coaches get in touch with the players and you’ll learn the practice schedule

  • Teams in the 6U – 14 U divisions have a practice time after 5pm during Monday – Friday, and a game on Saturdays.
  • Younger ages will have priority for the earlier time slots.
  • Practice fields are throughout Pasadena and La Canada. Coaches indicate their preferred time and place, and the league tries to find something that works for everyone.
  • The jamboree-style divisions, 4U and 5U, meet once a week, on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, with no practices during the week.

Advanced Programs

What are some of AYSO’s advanced soccer programs?

  • EXTRA: You can try out to be on a travel team instead of playing in the regular season.
  • All Stars: After the regular season, you can try out to play against other cities in SoCal.
  • Play-Through Tournament: The season champions from Region 13’s Fall program play against neighboring cities.
  • The Myles Standish Tournament and the Bill Owen Spring Classic are the tournaments that Region 13 hosts for teams from around SoCal. Players in 10U and older may try out to join one of the tournament teams. Myles and Bill would like you to know, by the way, that they’re still quite alive and well.


AYSO provides a jersey, shorts, and socks.  You will also need the following equipment to play soccer:

  • Shinguards
  • A ball (size 3 for 4U – 8U, size 4 for 10U – 12U, and size 5 for 14U and up)
  • We require closed toe shoes (e.g., sneakers).
  • Soccer cleats are optional; but coaches may recommend them for certain playing conditions.

Be a Volunteer

AYSO works because of dedicated parents like you who serve as coaches, referees, team managers, board members, and many other jobs behind the scenes!  It’s a great way to be with family and friends, and take advantage of the community that AYSO offers.

After you’ve registered your players, please register yourself as a volunteer by visiting the following page and submitting your AYSO Volunteer Application:

To help in preparing and submitting your AYSO Volunteer Application, we’ve also prepared some helpful tips for the form.

For coaches & referees:  We have special some special instructions (including training dates that we provide to coaches and referees) to help them become familiar with the training opportunities that we offer for their roles.

So please refer to this page and become a volunteer:

Sponsoring AYSO

If you would like to support AYSO with a donation, gift or sponsorship, the Regional Commissioner, John Sweet, would love to hear from you directly at

Additional Questions

We look forward to seeing you in the Fall!


John Sweet
Regional Commissioner
AYSO Region 13 – Pasadena, Altadena, and La Canada Flintridge

AYSO provides world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives.

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