Quirks in the 2019 game schedule

There are a few interesting features in this year’s schedule.

  • Because G07U has an odd number of teams, one team per week will not play a game.  You will see your opponent as “** BYE **” in the game schedule, even though a time and a field appear.  There’s nothing stopping your team from showing up to kick the ball around, but please don’t expect any opponents.
  • G14U also has an odd number of teams, but the solution here is that we have brought in G14U teams from other regions to play each week’s odd team in a friendly game.  For instance, on September 7 Quiroz’s team plays host to Boyle Heights.  We were unable to find an opponent on November 23, and so the odd team that day will have a bye instead.
  • Our region’s four Extra teams will occasionally have home games on Saturday.  The teams that play the following game are not required to referee the Extra game.  If your referee schedule lacks an entry on some Saturdays, this is why.

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