2017 Practice Field Assignments

Practice Field Assignments updated as of .

  1. Practices start Tues. Sept. 4. Teams with Monday practice will miss the first practice on Mon. 9/3 (Labor Day). If you wish to practice, please e-mail practice@ayso13.org for a possible temp spot - for that week only.
  2. For field layouts and locations, see MAPS page. Note the breakdown of practice spaces - we have a few new ones this year. Print the map and bring it to your practice, in case anyone tries to claim your space. If someone  encroaches on your space - pick-up games, football, etc. - note that Region 13 has permits for the practice fields you have been assigned, so you are well within your right to ask people to move. Be courteous, of course - and if you encounter problems, please e-mail  fields@ayso13.org and practice@ayso13.org, and we will help.
  3. Practice only at your assigned field and time. Individual practices are not rescheduled. If a coach must miss practice, a properly trained and certified assistant or substitute must be present to hold practice.
  4. Important contact info - for logistical issues - e.g. locked field, no lights, code for temp lights - e-mail fields@ayso13.org. For scheduling issues - e.g. field not working out, another coach claims same spot - e-mail practice@ayso13.org.
  5. Please submit your team’s referee info by clicking the Referee Information FormTo check if your team has registered 2 referees, click the Referee Team Information page.
Thank you for coaching, play nice with each other, and have fun out there!

The practice field assignments for 2018 are listed in the following table in team number order.

Team # / Coach Day Field Subfield Start Time Duration


If you have questions or problems with your field assignment, send an e-mail to, practice@ayso13.org.

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