Playoff results 12/8 and schedule 12/9

The schedule for Champions Sunday is available as usual in both matrix and bracket form as usual.  This time I gave the files new names so you shouldn’t be directed to older versions!

In a nutshell:

B10: Shin v Coombes, McLaughlin v Islas, Van Houten v Campbell

B12: Girvetz* v Khaja, Heverly v Aleksanian

B14: Brookbanks* v Trejo

G10: Blanton* v Petropoulos, Tan v Bridge

G12: Quiroz* v Kunitake, Hervey v Takahashi

G14: Walkett* v Weinberger

The asterisk denotes the regular season winners, who are our first playthrough team.  For games involving one of these coaches, their opponent will be the second playthrough team regardless of Sunday’s results.

Donahue won the regular season in B10 and is the first playthrough team.  Sunday’s winner of Flight A (Shin v Coombes) will be the second playthrough team.

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