W, T, L = Team's wins, ties, and losses

GF, GA = Goals for and goals against

Pts = team's points on the field: 3 for each win plus 1 for each tie.

RW = Referee wins.  This number is the greater of 
	a) assignments completed by the team's referees (code A) 
	and by pre-arranged substitutes on behalf of the team 
	(code B) or b) the number of games worked by the team's 
	referees (all codes).

RL = Referee losses.  This is the number of assignments that 
	were NOT completed by the team's referees nor by 
	pre-arranged substitutes.

Rpct = Referee winning percentage = RW / (RW + RL).

RP = team's referee points = 9 Rpct (number of weeks played) / (number of weeks in the season).  
	The maximum number of referee points is 9, equivalent to three wins on the field, 
	and it is prorated throughout the season.  Fractions of 0.5 or more round up.  
	This means that if you have 17 referee wins and 1 referee loss, for a Rpct of 0.944, 
	you would have exactly 8.5 RP, which rounds up to 9.

Spts = Sportsmanship points (coaches, players, spectators) 
	accumulated to date.
Tpts = total points = Pts + RP.  This is how the standings are ordered.