Youth Development Program (YDP)

The AYSO Youth Development Program is an AYSO National program that has grown out of AYSO's experience with the "AYSO Plus" and "Progressive Development Program (PDP)". YDP has features that Region 13 believes overcome many of the perceived shortcomings of those previous programs. Region 13 participates in YDP in the U10, U12 and U14 divisions.

The program requires a commitment from the players and their families beyond that required for regular season teams. The "extra" commitment is required becasue YDP teams practice 2 times per week. In addition, teams will receive instruction from paid trainers on nearly a weekly basis and a certain amount of local travel will be required. Enrollment in YDP is open to any player who will make the extra commitment regardless of skill level. There are no skill tryouts required. Teams are fomed shortly after registration closes.

The YDP teams from all of the regions in Area 1C that are participating in this pilot program will be scheduled to play among themselves. Individuals who are selected for both their coaching ability and their commitment to the AYSO philosophy will coach the YDP teams. The YDP matches will be held during regular season play on regular season fields and the YDP season runs concurrently with our regular fall season. YDP teams will travel to other Area 1C regions for their "away" games. Similarly, YDP teams from other participating regions will come to Region 13 to play some of their "away games. YDP players will be permitted to try out for All-Star teams at the conclusion of the regular season.

While YDP offers advanced training and inter-regional play, all participants must uphold the AYSO National rules and philosophies, such as guaranteed 2 quarters of play in every game, good sportsmanship and positive coaching.