Thanksgiving Tournament Teams

Slots at Region 13's Myles Standish Thanksgiving Tournament, held at the Rose Bowl on Thanksgiving weekend, are reserved for Region 13's Section, Area and one Regional All-Star coaches in each division. If more than one Regional Thanksgiving Tournament team is formed in any division, those teams are encouraged to enter the Thanksgiving Tournament held by South Pasadena, or travel to another tournament over Thanksgiving. These teams mirror the eventual All-Star teams, in that one team in each division will be comprised of the most skilled players meeting the selection critera (Section Team). A second team will consist of the next most skilled players meeting the selection criteria (Area Team). Finally, one or more teams will be formed out of the remaining players who meet the selection criteria (Regional Team(s)). Of course, only those players who indicate that they will be available for the various tournaments over the Thanksgiving weekend will be eligible for these teams. Non-All-Star coaches are free to apply for admission to any tournament.

Selection to a Region 13 Thanksgiving Tournament team does not guarantee that a player will ultimately be chosen for an All-Star team. Likewise, a player who is not chosen for, or one who chooses not to participate in a Region 13 Thanksgiving Tournament team is not automatically disqualified from ultimately becoming a member of an All-Star team.

If a player is not selected for a Thanksgiving Tournament or All-Star team, it does not necessarily mean the player does not have the skills needed. Regrettably, the coaches have only a limited amount of time to evaluate many talented players and from time to time overlook deserving players. The coaches do their best and hope that in the event a player is not selected, he or she will nonetheless keep working hard and continue to participate enthusiastically in the other programs offered by Region 13.

Playing in Thanksgiving tournaments may require the payment of approximately $20 - $35 entrance fee per player, a uniform deposit of $50 each and a referee deposit of up to $35 per player. These fees must be paid to the team coach at the first practice. A separate check should be made for the uniform deposit so that it can be given back upon return of the uniform immediately after the last Thanksgiving Tournament match. Checks should be made out to AYSO Region 13. The referee deposits will be returned if the team fulfills its referee responsibilities. In addition, travel and housing expenses may be involved if teams choose to enter tournaments that are more distant.