Player/Referee Organization (PRO)

We continue our efforts to improve our program and the quality of our games by supporting our Player/Referee Organization (PRO). Our goals are to find more referees, while at the same time, encouraging and promoting leadership among our young players. As articulated by Ron Cooke, president of the California South Youth Soccer Association, "Officiating the game of soccer is a most challenging endeavor, and shows a great willingness on the part of youngsters to begin to accept true responsibility. A young referee has stepped beyond the pressures of being a player. He or she now has to deal with TWO coaches and TWENTY-TWO opponents." Players age 10 and up are encouraged to join.

The PRO program is also recognized nationally with a web site devoted to developing young referees. Click here to see it.

In our efforts to improve PRO, we have identified two areas which continue to need attention: training and negative behavior. Training is a simple thing to rectify and we have set up clinics to this effect as well as a mentor program, where player/referees get support and encouragement from more seasoned referees. Negative behavior, on the other hand, is of major concern not only for its impact on the success of this particular program, but for its impact to all we teach. To counter this and retain our volunteers, we will continue this year a Sportsmanship Program called Total Team Performance, as well as continuing to support the kids zone initiative. As always, Region 13 will enforce the Zero Tolerance Policy.