Graduation Series

Skilled older players in Division U8 will have the opportunity to participate in a "second season" all their own. The Graduation Series is an AYSO Area 1C program designed to be a transition between U8 and U10 Divisions. Graduation Series teams play on a U10-sized field with goalkeepers. For the first time, the "off side" law will be applied by the referees.

Players are nominated through their coaches to tryout for these selective teams. Parents are encouraged to speak to their child's coach regarding having their child nominated for the Graduation Series team tryouts. Nomination is based on the player's skills, ranking, commitment and parent participation. Teams will be formulated based on tryouts and formed based on the coaches' nominations near the end of November. Practices will be held during the two weeks after regular season play has ended. Tryout scrimmages will be held at the beginning of December. Final teams will be selected in mid-December. Area play will take place starting in January continuing possibly through early March. These games may require families to travel to fields as far away as El Monte and will probably be played on Sundays.

The "Grad Series" is not a part of the regular season program and is designed to be self-supporting. An additional registration fee is required and there may be other associated costs. All children who play in the Graduation Series will be required to play in the U10 Division the following season and will not be permitted to return to the U8 Division.

All U8 coaches are eligible to volunteer to be nominated as Graduation Series coaches. A special evaluation committee will make the final coach selections. All coach candidates will be evaluated on a number of characteristics including certification, experience and volunteerism. U8 referees are also encouraged to make the transition to U10-type play by volunteering to referee Grad Series matches.