Code of Conduct

Region 13 has experienced rapid growth since it began in 1972. With almost 3500 players in the program, we are often unable to speak individually with every parent, spectator or friend about the principles of AYSO and the behavior that supports those principles. Therefore, we feel it is helpful to provide the following set of guidelines for you and your children. Region 13 requests and expects that everyone involved abide by these rules at all times. Remember, AYSO soccer is a game for players, not coaches or parents. The referees and coaches are all volunteers. If they are not treated with respect and appreciation, they will not continue to volunteer and you will have no soccer program for your children.

Everyone Shall Refrain From:

Everyone Should:

Zero Tolerance Policy Concerning Referee Abuse

The following motion was passed at the August 8, 1996 meeting of the Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors reaffirms its policy of "Zero Tolerance" respecting the verbal or physical abuse of referees by coaches, spectators and/or players. In particular, verbal vulgarities, ethnic comments and sexual innuendo and/or harassment are viewed as extremely offensive, and physical agression is absolutely prohibited. The Board will enforce by appropriate means reports of such abuse.

Referee Are Moms and Dads Who Work For Free

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. Nobody is paid. It's for the kids! Sometimes Referees in particular are subject to harsh criticism from the sidelines, when parents, spectators or coaches don't think the Referee made the right call. However, unlike professional sports, or even school sports, AYSO referees receive only modest training at first. Many Moms and Dads who volunteer have never played the game, let alone acted as a Referee or Assistant Referee. They have generously given of their time, because they understand that without Referees there would be no games. So, next time you think about yelling at a Referee or Assistant Referee because you don't agree with a call, put yourself in their shoes. As a matter o fact, do just that - volunteer to be a Referee or Assistant Referee. It's lots of fun - as long as you don't get yelled at.