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AYSO works because dedicated parents and volunteers like you serve as coaches, referees, team managers, board members, and many other jobs behind the scenes!  It’s a great way to be with family and friends, and take advantage of the community that AYSO offers.

Please apply to be an AYSO volunteer for the 2019-2020 season to start  your annual background check. Anyone volunteering to be a coach, ref, or team manager for 2019-2020, please use the coupon code 5469 to get $20 off one player registration (one per family).

Every volunteer (coach, referee, board member, team parent, etc.) submits one AYSO Volunteer Application each year. New for Fall 2019, expect a follow-up email from “The Advocates”, a service of Verified Volunteers, which will invite you to create a simple account to enable AYSO to initiate the required background check. It’s a few extra steps, but it is necessary to ensure volunteers are suitable to work with children on behalf of AYSO.

Here’s a video to walk you through it.


To complete your annual AYSO Volunteer Application form for MY2019:

    1. Before starting, be sure to have the following things ready:
      • An email address that is unique to the volunteer.
      • The last 4 digits of your social security number.
      • A photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc).
      • Name, telephone number, and address for two personal references.
      • Important Note: To seamlessly inherit your AYSO ID and prior certification history from eAYSO, it’s important that you use the same First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and last 4 digits of your social security number in your Blue Sombrero application as you have used in eAYSO in the past.
    2. To begin, point your browser to Blue Sombrero’s landing page for Region 13:
    3. Login to your account (or create a new account, if you haven’t yet created one). This account should be tied to an email address that is unique to the volunteer (and if you are registering a minor as a youth volunteer, the minor should have his or her own email address).
    4. After logging in, return to the Region 13 landing page once again:
    5. Click on the volunteer applications tab and find the volunteer application for this year and click on “Sign up
    6. On the next page, click on the green ‘SIGN UP’ and then click Continue.
    7. On the next page, select your name, and then “Continue” again.  This will finally take you to your volunteer application form.  To save time and confusion – here are some tips for the application form:
      • Try to limit your answers to the required fields (the ones with a red asterisk (*) beside them). If you start providing optional answers, you should know that some of the optional fields cause the page to reload – which is harmless, but may cause some confusion for you.
      • In the box labeled “Reference #1 Organization Name” you can enter your employer or other organization where you have held a position. For returning volunteers, this can be AYSO. On the next line below this answer, enter the position/role that you held at this organization.
      • Next, you’ll see a text box with the confusingly similar label “Reference #1 First Name.” Here you should enter the name of a personal or professional reference. This person does need to have any affiliation the organization that you listed above.
      • Before submitting your application form, please double‑check all of your answers. Submitting incorrect answers will cause you a bunch of headaches later.
      • Accept Waiver: Click on it to make the answer turn to “Yes.”

    8. Submit the volunteer form and follow the steps to provide your “E-signature.”  Don’t worry if some of the answers from the questionnaire don’t appear on the printed version of the form.
    9. When asked, please provide consent for a Background Check (“Volunteer Verification”).

    10. Finally, you’ll see a confirmation of your submission that looks like this:
    11. With that, you’re Done!

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