FAQ's / What is the Region’s tournament team policy?

Region 13 offers various types of support to coaches and teams that desire to travel and participate in tournaments. Indeed, we encourage those who are interested to do so. For example, Region 13 may assist by allowing tournament teams to practice on fields permitted to AYSO. We may help acquire uniforms or spirit clothing through our buying power or we may provide additional training opportunities, other types of encouragement and administrative services.

Notwithstanding such accommodation, tournament teams are not a part of Region 13’s formal program. They are not a part of our All-Star program, for example. Neither AYSO nor Region 13 bears any financial responsibility to tournament teams or to their participants. All travel and lodging arrangements are a private matter between parents and those providing such arrangements and/or services. We encourage all participants of tournament teams to exercise prudence when providing deposits or any other financial arrangements. Tournaments could be cancelled, coaches may be unavailable or families could change their minds about participation and your team could lose any monies deposited. Where possible, Region 13 recommends the purchase of trip cancellation insurance.

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