FAQ's / What is the All-Star program?

The All-Star Program is an AYSO Area 1C program, which is comprised of all Regions in the west San Gabriel Valley. All-Star teams will be scheduled to play other All-Star teams from the regions within Area 1C. Teams may have to travel as far as South El Monte to participate. The All-Star season is compressed into a few weeks in January and February, with games scheduled most weekends on Saturday and Sunday.

All-Star participation entails a commitment to play at a higher level against better competition from throughout Area C and possibly Southern California if teams progress to Section Playoffs. The commitment extends to both players and family. It is an honor to be selected to represent Region 13. However, with this honor and recognition comes responsibility. For instance, practices and games are not optional; they are mandatory. There will likely be two practices per week during the All-Star season plus the game, and travel will be required. In addition, during the remaining portions of the regular season after selection, players must be willing to attend practices of their Thanksgiving Tournament and/or All-Star team in addition to their regular season team. This commitment sometimes interferes with other activities or sports. Please be aware of this potential conflict when deciding what is best for the player. In addition, All-Star players are urged to attend the Holiday Camp sponsored by Region 13, usually just before or after Christmas.

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